7 Coats perfect for Mom...

November 02, 2015




This 60 ish/ 70 ish degree weather we have been having has led me into a state of weather delusion or is confusion? This means when we do get a hit of cold weather I am ill prepared, fashion wise this is.

Perhaps it's the California in me when I say to myself hey it's warm...me wear... light clothes. This is not a smart move on my part which was apparent Saturday late afternoon during Halloween trick and treating. It was so cold every bone in my body was frozen when we returned home. My point is...yes this breezy weather is nice but it's not going to last (whah, whah) so it's time to be a bit serious about a fall coat.

Thankfully there are some seriously cute ones out there. Plaid, anoraks , duster coats are all having a moment. Which means if you are a lover of coats 'tis is the season to buy the one you love.

Here are 7 worth checking out:

1. Topshop checkered duster

2.  A Piece apart over sized vida coat via The Dreslyn

3. Zara wool coat

4. Boucle Wool Coat via Jcrew

5. Sea belted gingham Knitted coat via Netaporter

6. Navy wool blend with faux fur hybrid coat via Topshop

7.  Quilted Feather Coat via Mango  


Post by Donna

Top Photo: La Cool & Chic