Chic Mama, building up your wardrobe

February 11, 2013

I’ve mentioned in the past ways to really bring up a wardrobe many notches. This is always helpful when you have gotten to a place where you can afford more pieces or are doing a complete wardrobe revamp. But what if you need to sort of start from scratch but not really interested in a solid pieces but need these items to work in that manner? Which means you need them to be basic so they can be worn often but not boring.

Here are some of the pieces I tend to recommend when you are not only fine tuning your wardrobe but creating a bit of a palate to start a new look. Whether this look is your stay at home mom look or working the corporate world which I honestly have been wearing fitted jeans to work like no one else’s business. I have some fabulous dresses and skirts but frankly, especially in winter, I cannot stroll a child, do drop off and run around in heels and dresses. I do better with a move-able wardrobe.

  • First start with a fitted tee, not too tight but long enough that it covers the belly and allows you to wear either out, belted or slightly tuck in. I love the stripe tee and highly recommend it. And for the record I have put stripes on clients that are a size 18. You just have to find the stripe in a cut that flatters your shape.
  • Fitted pant, jean or thick legging. This is where you may have to spend a little. However when you do the math the pant is worth it. This jean is by ACNE which are made extremely well and last forever. I also have found some great cuts at Jcrew but you have to try on.

The other pieces that you build your look with can be whatever you need them to be but in the order of what you need first. I also suggest thinking a bit out the box. If you are looking for a great sweater or a transitional jacket- look for one with an interesting style or design such as a scarf that has a strong pop of color. It doesn’t have to be totally out there, it can be subtle such as color block or a mix of textures. The trick is to keep the shape to what flatters you and rest will flow right into your closet.

The other pieces shown:

Tassel Loafers

Two Tone Duffle Jacket

Leather Bucket Bag