Chic Mama Beauty: Products to help with De-stress-ing...

January 07, 2013

I have mentioned here that I am stress. Not just a little stress but not sleeping well, headaches and work load out of control stress. While I had some time off during the holidays and as a the year was winding down I realized that just getting by isn’t cutting it. My stress is affecting my daily mood and  frankly has been bumming me out. In the last month I have made some big steps in getting some balance in my life. I first started with work with voicing my concerns on how my work load builds up with little pause to catch my breath. I voiced what was important to me (my family) and where my work day needed to end so I can focus on my home life. How does this all relate to bath salts? Well in my road to de-stressing I am taking more baths. I have also started acupuncture and yoga which you’ll here about this more in the coming months. I know products can get gimmicky and sell us tired parents on market-able words however I tested these products and they help. Are they miracle workers? No-  they aren’t claiming to be. However,  when a product has ingredients such as lavender or oils that are known to heal they do work. This is just a step in our day or week of taking care of ourselves and if some bath salts can ease my weary bones, sign me up or rather draw me a bath please!

1. Bath and Body Stress Release Mini Lux Bath also keeps skin soft with Aloe . Avail in Spearmint and Eucalyptus, $8.50

2. This baby is pretty luxe, includes almond oil, juniper berry, grapefruit to fight fatigue and reduce water retention, Elemental Herbology, $29.

3. No time for a bath yet want some oils that are know to clear the mind try Bath and body Aromatherpy Body Bar, $7.50

4. Kneipp Bath salts are one of my all time favorites. A container can lasts for months and they come in many different oil combos. The Balancing Mineral Bath Salt in Lavender, $19 always seems to do the trick when I need a hot bath and to quite a busy day.

5. As I mentioned about my job I sit next to the beauty girls and they hook a sister up! This Aveeno Stress Release Body Wash smells lovely and leaves my skin soft, which makes me happy so I guess you would say it works. $6.75
6. This Dr. Hauschka Spruce Bath lasts forever for its pretty concentated. It literally smells like a forest so you must like Christmas trees, seriously its stong but delightful. $32.95
7. The one product that is not a bath product however I use to drink this when I was doing a lot of pilates and my amazing teachers turned me on to it. It is a magnesium supplement that helps you to restore to healthy levels. I used it before I became pregnant and attribute it to helping me be in a more healthy state which is why I am back to using it. Natural Vitality, $25.49
*Definitely consult your doctor if you unsure this product and that goes for all beauty products, some bath products are not good while you are pregnant or nursing. I forgo-ed all baths while pregnant and I hide all my bath products from little hands for most oils are not safe if consumed especially by children.