Bras with support.

June 24, 2013


One of the first tips/lessons I give to women when I make them over for a photo-shoot or as someone who has hired me to revamp their wardrobe is WEAR A WELL FITTED BRA. I styled a woman for a makeover years ago for a tv segment, this woman's chest literally was hitting her waist. She had had 3 children and like many women her breast shape had changed. I found her an amazing bra that made her look as if she lost 15 pounds. I begged her to stick to wearing the bra however I ran into her recently and she had gone back to wearing a bra with little support.

Having a well fitted bra is essential to how we look in our clothes and for some of us how we feel about ourselves. I like a pretty bra, doesn't matter if someone can see it or not, I like having something chic yet support is the ultimate ruler for me when choosing the right bra. Support doesn't neccessarily mean a bra must have underwire or have 3 inch straps, it's really about what your need is. I rely on underwire bras however when I was nursing I chose a bra that did not have any wiring and the support came more in the straps and the bottom banding of the bra. Now that I am not a nursing mom I am at a fuller cup and choose bras that have good side support. If you need to try a few bras in order to find the right one shop at  an online resource that will let you return or a store that has a well trained salesperson to guide you and properly fit you.

My picks:

Lace prettiness with support (pictured) Elle Macpherson Intimates I find this bra line to be a bit of a hidden gem. Line has a range of sizes and the bras are quite stylish.

The Non Looking Nursing Bra (pictured) Elle Macpherson Stretch This is the bra I wore while nursing. I wanted a bra under a hundred and to look stylish especially if it was peeking out a bit from my clothing. The non wired style was an extra comfort.

Stylish Support Stella McCartney Clare Under-wire (pictured)This is a nice option if you are looking for something to indulge in and you are in the 30-36 range and not pass a D. The straps are lovely and do not have to be hidden.

Great Maternity Bra Boob Design Fast Food via Caribou Baby : This bra is clean with a nice touch of lace trim on the top part of the bra. What I love about it is that is discreet while breastfeeding and easy for the mom to mange baby and bra.

Support for large chest: Fantasie Bras I became familiar with this line from dressing one of my clients who has a very large chest. I was pleasantly surprised to fine that it comes in from 30 to 44 GG  is priced reasonable and stylish. 

Reliable Bra LineWacoal Bras I tend to use this bra line on myself and the people I dress. The bras are well made and the support is amazing, I cannot praise this line enough I REALLY like the results.

Don't know your size? Here are some measuring tips:

Taking Your Measure

Not only will a properly fitted bra feel more comfortable, but it will make your clothes fit and look better. First step: Learn how to do the math, so you can figure out your own dimensions.

1. Stand straight and relax. Don't inhale and expand your rib cage as if you're about to blow out candles.

2. Using a soft tape measure, measure all the way around your body, placing the tape measure right beneath your breasts (example: 30 1/2). Add five to that number, rounding up if necessary to the next even number (36). Congratulations: That's your band size.

3. Next step: The cup. While wearing a bra, measure completely around the fullest part of your bust (across the nipple) without pulling tight. Make sure the tape measure goes around your entire back (38).

4. Subtract the number from your band size (38-36=2). The result will indicate your appropriate cup size, based on the following guide: 


Posted and written by Donna
Measuring tips via Best Fitting Bra - Find the Right Bra Size Guide - Good Housekeeping