Kid friendly restaurants in Williamsburg and Greenpoint

July 22, 2017


We finally updated this list. There are so many new restaurants and one of our goals this year is to check them out and add to the list as we have to assure that what we recommend really is kid friendly. Feel free to email or comment here if you like us to check out your restaurant.

Aurora- Friendly and welcoming staff and amazing food to boot. The restaurant is a bit tight but there is still room for a stroller especially if you go for an earlier dinner

Bakeri- A favorite among local moms. Delicious food and a cozy atmosphere make this super kid friendly.

Basik- Many parents have recommended this restaurant to us, the open airy feel of the space that includes a garden. Food is delish.

Cafe Colette- Beautifully classic place to grab a bite to eat is also family owned and delicious

Calexico- A busy restaurant with a staff that tolerates kids. I've gone here several times with many kids and the wait staff is always friendly even with many screaming children. The food is good and quick to get to the table. 

Crema- Not a restaurant per se however this space deserves an honorable mention for being super quaint and one of the best places in the Greenpoint area to meet a friend. Pastries from Balthazar and coffee from Toby's estate. It is small but on a quiet morning can fit a stroller or two as well as it has a little area in front you can easily place and keep a watchful eye on your stroller. It has one large community table a 2 to 3 more smaller nook areas to sit.

egg - One of our top picks to take our kids (just look at our instagram). This popular eating spot is our favorite for breakfast. It does get packed so get there early if you want a short wait. Super kid friendly.

Enids - Close to McCarren Park, this restaurant is large enough to accommodate strollers and a large brood of kids. 

Fabbrica- Food that is delicious, we recommend this for lunch if you are towing around a few kids and early for dinner.

Fada - French food at its finest. Great brunch and you’ll love that the wait staff dote on the kids the moment they walk in.

Five Leaves- This place gets crowded so if your kid is chill then it's worth going for the food is amazing. I would say to get there by 8 a.m for the restaurant is full with parents and kids by 9a.m. My kid is wild so I go for breakfast before it's busy and there is room for the stroller. If you go at a busy time which is always know that you're stroller may have to be parked outside. The wait staff are incredibly friendly even with wild children. 

Frankel's Delicatessen- Newish deli open up by two brothers and their friends. Super nice staff and delish pastramis, brisket and bagels. This eatery feels hip but not pretentious.The line can get long but this place is worth it.

Little Dokebi- This new little jewel opened up a few months back in a quiet area of Greenpoint. I use to live only a few blocks from its main restaurant Dokebi for years and my husband and I frequented before child. When this new one opened I was curious how it would fair in our picky neighborhood. It's doing great. Little Dokebi feels warmer, quainter and although the big one is child friendly this feels more neighborhood-y. Parents even leave their strollers out front as they eat their meals and the food is a-mazing to top it all off.

Lobster Joint - This place gets busy but it is totally worth it as the tented back area is perfect for kids. We love the picnic tables, plenty of room for high energy kids.

Marlow &Sons- We've been visiting this restaurant with the best food for years pre-child and post child we still love it. My son's first visit was at 3 days old and I found that my breastfeeding wasn't frown upon which makes for a calm mama.

Meatball shop - Meatballs are naturally toddler friendly food and the amazing ice cream sandwiches don’t hurt.

Ninas- Old school Italian restaurant with ample room fro large families and crazy patience when it comes to wild children. We have visited this spot many times with screaming kids and never have the wait staff given is 'the' look.

Ovenly- Grab a treat as you head over to Transmitter Park. You won't regret it!

Pearls- Erica and i check out this eatery as a moms night out, we had one child with us as there is always at least one kid in one of our outings. Pearls is warm, friendly and you feel like you are not in feels very Caribbean. If is affordable and yummy especially if you love 'island' food. There isn't a ton of room for strollers in the front however there is a back area and not one eyelash was bat when we brought in our stroller and sat in front. Always a plus for us.

Pies and thighs - The reincarnation of PnT is better than ever! Kids will love the sides; you’ll flip over dessert. 

Rabbit Hole- Amazing brunch, a bit of a struggle getting stroller in but worth it once your there for it's a lovely place with space in the back and garden.

San Loca- Erica's favorite spot for quick Mexican food. An order and site destination ..Erica loves not having wait staff move around you. 

Selamat Pagi: This Balinese restaurant is by the same owners of Van Luewen Ice Cream which celebrates their love for Balinese food. The banana pancakes are my son's favorite dish, I love their scramble eggs. Brunch or early dinner are the best times to go with kids. There is always room for a stroller as the place doesn't seem to get busy until most of us parents are trying to get our kiddos to sleep. For evening time we  prefer early as this spot is always pretty packed even on weekdays. 

Spritzenhaus: This is our go to stop. Great waitstaff, insane bloody mary's and tons of room and patience for the little ones. We prefer to dine there before it gets really pack which is around 9pm weekdays, noon weekends especially when the weather is nice. 

Taco chulo - A great stop for Mexican food with plenty of room for baby/kids.

Urban Rustic- Hands down one of our favorite places for kids. The food is yummy &healthy; the staff is helpful and friendly.

Vamos Al Tequila- We visited this restaurant with an infant and a toddler and had room for the car seat and a stroller. However once 8p.m hit the place was packed so visit early.

Wholefoods on Bedford- We like this spot for when we are running around or about to jump over to williamsburg Cinemas for a quick and healthy bite to eat. open sitting with a small play space (they need to work on this part a bit) for the kiddies. Plenty of room for strollers. 

Williamsburger- The cheese dogs are a great hit with the kids and it's not too hipster that parents can bring a group of children to eat for a family outing. The location in south Williamsburg was closed some time ago but stay tune as we spy a new location opening up on Graham avenue (Williamsburg/Greenpoint).


Not really sit downs but worth stopping by if you have kids.

Milk (of Momofuku) 

Bedford Cheese Shop Now more space then ever, let the kids check out the cool candies while you indulge in the amazing selection of cheese etc.

Feel free to comment here or email us if you know of a restaurant that should be on our kid friendly list. Bon Appétit!


Be courteous to your fellow diners and keep stroller either tuck away by your table or (if available) in a designated stroller area. 


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