CSA In Brooklyn, Straight Out Of The Ground

May 17, 2014

Motherburg spoke with Arthur Warren from Straight Out Of The Ground about their CSA share that starts Mid June through November. There is a signup event at all Brooklyn pick-up locations on Tues, May 27 from 6-8. The three siblings from the farm will be camped out at each location for a few hours to talk shop about the farm, our practices or anything csa. This is a great opportunity to ask questions about what you can expect for the season and really anything about the farm. I also posted information from Arthur about the farm.

Troost Greenpoint 1011 Manhattan Ave, New York, NY 11222

Dotory Williamsburg 353 Broadway, New York, NY 11211

Petes Candy Store 709 Lorimer St, Brooklyn, NY 11211


MB: Please tell us about your farm!

Straight Out Of The Ground: The vegetables, herbs and fruit for Straight Out of the Ground CSA are grown in the East Branch River valley, Northwest Catskills.   Over 360 million years ago the Catskills region was a low level sea and site of a devonian forest.  The ancient soils were first cultivated by the Lenni Lenape, growing corn, beans and squash by women of the tribe. Today the landscape is a diverse patchwork of small farms, fields and forests where a delicious variety of food is produced.   The Straight Out of the Ground CSA started in 2007 with a casual CSA, delivering boxes of produce to a cafe in Greenpoint for people to pick up.  People boxes are now called shares and the casual CSA embraces the traditional CSA model of subscriptions with the intention of cutting a steady path for a handful of Catskill farms and urban communities that value sustainable and human-scale economies. The veggies are grown on 2 main fields and 4 smaller satellite fields by 2 farmers, 3 farmhands and friends in the quiet town of Roxbury.  The vegetables for Straight Out of the Ground are grown with the highest regard for our environment.   If you want to talk about Organic,  lets talk, but meanwhile, trust that no matter what my circumstance is, NO insecticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers or GM seeds are considered for use. Planting starts with just about every seed variety FEDCO seeds has to offer, producing an incredible diversity of flavors and nutrients to enjoy throughout the season. We use mechanical means to deal with weeds and pests (hoeing, tractor mounted weeders, covering plants to keep off the flea beetles, etc). Soil health is boosted with compost from a neighbors horse farm, seaweed tea field applications and cycling out fields for one year to cover crop.  Your veggies are harvested packed, and distributed within 24 hours keeping the nutrition content high.   You are encouraged to ask us as many questions about our growing practices and visit the farm for a tour any time.

MB: What is CSA?

SOOTG: The CSA model was founded and developed to directly connect communities with the farmers who feed them. Straight Out of the Ground is based in Roxbury, NY. where Farmer Madalyn Warren has been growing vegetables for the CSA since 2007. The early years had drop off points at Eat Greenpoint, Petes Candy store, Second Stop Cafe and at our favorite CSA patron Giovanna Maselli's apt/storefront.  Gio has moved on to Far Rockaway and brought the CSA with her so now in our 8th year we are happy to announce a pick up locations at Arts in Parts in Far Rockaway, Troost in Greenpoint, Dotory in Williamsburg and the return to Petes Candy store also in Williamsburg.

MB: What does it cost and how long does it run? 

SOOTG: Full Share Subscription: $650

FEEDS: Two people get plenty of vegetables for seven days or a family of four a few vegetables every day. GOOD FOR: Couples, families, individuals who cook home a lot, juicers. Every week for 22 weeks from mid June to mid November pick up a box of locally grown organic vegetables.No pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and, of course, no chemical fertilizers: just flavorful nutritious vegetables delivered straight out of the ground to your neighborhood.

MB: Great! Thank you for all the great information!

Any questions?

email straightoutoftheground@gmail.com

or call the farm at 607.327.6177


Photo credit:Handcrafted in Virginia