Art of layering, 9 ways to warm up.

January 06, 2014



With the exception of today it has been downright cold here in New York. I recently saw a photo of myself and I looked hideous all bundled up! In my defense it is hard to look cute when one is freezing. With the promise of this weather continuing, I would like to avoid feeling like a puddle of mess. What I have learnt in dressing in frigid weather is layering is key especially when Mother Nature is fickle and teases us with a warmer day on occasion. By warmer I mean 40ish degrees my darling California friends.

I purchased a coat this year that is quite stylish however it's a print and does me zero good in weather such as this. I also tire of duffle coats and if it is not pouring rain I try to stick to a wool coat. However, wool coats in frigid weather feel like windbreakers, they are useless if not properly insulated. The key to good installation in any coat is to wear a piece that is going to keep you warm. Silk blouses, work- out tops in synthetic or fleece are amazing heat keepers and thin enough that you can build around this. When building layers remind yourself (especially as we hurry in the morning) that you will be peeling these off once you arrive in your final destination, this will help in deciding what pieces work with which and you’ll avoid underdressing for the sake of convenience.

A few tips:

1. This camel coat is Rag and Bone however as I mentioned on my post a few days a go I found some great camel and other solid coats at People of 2morrow. Really the key to being able to wear the same coat through the week is by picking a neutral color be it camel, black or navy.

2. I found the hat (you'll see it in tomorrow's post) I am currently wearing at H&M, so cute, this is New York were cool hats can be found on the street! Or buy one that is irresistibly stylish and will last more then a season such as this one by Brooklyn brand All Knitwear.

3. Jean jackets or a leather crop may already exist in your closet. I have classic like this Levi's jacket I use year round. You'll be pleasantly surprise how much they can break up wind if you are having one of those cold and windy days.

4. If the fuss of a long scarf is too burdensome or you experience insane overheating like I do when I am doing a school drop, running to work then try a cotton scarf or handkerchief. Not only easy to wear- looks stylish. Stanley & Sons Bandana General Store.

5. Sometimes a belt just makes a completely basic look not so boring. It also helps keep you warm by insulating the heat in. H&M.

6. When the season just starts to wear me down and the classic pieces are what I start reaching for I like to have printed sweaters to not only keep me warm but also keep me out of a style rut. The thing about living in a cold weather climate is when we are freezing -spring looks are hitting the stores so coats and sweaters are on sale! Which is why I have so much Jcrew on this list, the sales they have are a great way to build up for many fall/winter wardrobes to come.

7. I do not care about the white rule, I wear white jeans and love that they lighten up the day especially these cold days that we are having. I like to buy my jeans during the winter and on sale.

8. Colorful glove’s, easy cheer and most likely won't get lost since they are so bright! Forever 21.

9. A heavily woven shirt is not only something that will add warmth it works as an easy light weight jacket come spring.Jcrew


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