Cherry ice pops, healthy summer treat.

July 31, 2014




My son is obsess with ice pops we run into here in our neighborhood. They are delish but at $4 a pop they run pricey since he can devour about 3-4 in one weekend. We started making our own last summer and although we'll still treat him to a popsicle here and there it is really easy to make our own. You can add whatever you want and pinterest is full of inspiration. I like to also add basil and mint but my son isn't a fan of herbs and can suss out a pop with mint in seconds so I tend to skip this ingredient these days. Once we blend everything together - in the molds they go, you can use traditional molds or go high tech like we have with a Zoku ice maker. This maker can make pops in less then 10 minutes. I was given mine as a gift a few months back and once I got the hang of it we have been churning out pops every weekend this summer. However you make these yummy treat matters to you only as all my kid cares about is having it and enjoying his favorite summer treat!


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