Breast Express: Support on Wheels Via @pumpspotting

May 24, 2018


I visited the New York Baby Show this past Saturday, it is one of my favorite trade shows as this show has everything baby and is one of the best shows to attend if you are expecting a baby, have a baby or toddler or are interested in all things baby.

My favorite 'booth' was the breast express roadshow which is a 40 foot pumpsuite RV that the founders of the  Pumpspottng app are traveling cross-country. I honestly wish there were hundreds of these pumpsuites traveling the world as this one is pretty amazing.

The founders of Pumpspotting are traveling to learn how to serve moms better, meet moms, and overall support mamas. This is a movement to drive (pun intended) the point that breastfeeding moms need support.

And yes the RV is cool an cozy as is the app that is hosting this roadshow. The Pumpspotting app helps mothers to connect with other mothers in and around their community, find the best places to breastfeed be it locally or when visiting a new city. Mamas can also share the spots they have found to breastfeed and can also rate the spot. It is a pretty fantastic app.

And a bit of a personal note, although I did not breastfeed my now 24 month old  adopted son, I would have felt perfectly comfy sitting on the cozy lounge chair while I fed him a bottle or changing him in the gorgeous back room that oozes mama comfort.

Check out the tour schedule here.

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