Mom in the Know: Kaity Velez

November 20, 2017


There are many cool things about living in Brooklyn. One is that many moms who make it their job to write and share their knowledge with basically parents around the world choose to raise their families here.


This is why when I found myself with an infant one day (foster to adopt) after a 7-year gap from the first child I was a bit at a loss. I didn't have the nine months to prepare for this! Although I write about parenting, I hadn't touched on the newborn world, and as I soon found out that there are a lot of great lines now available from just seven years back.
What stroller? What is the best sling now? So many questions.


Thankfully my mom tribe (I will be sharing more on these moms and how they helped in the next months) had my back. One, in particular, was Kaity Velez who along with Jessica Pallay founded the popular pregnancy and parenting site Well Rounded
Kaity had me in the latest newborn carrier within days. She answered my questions on strollers, name it. How lucky, right? Well, we all are as Kaity took some time out of her busy day to answer a few questions and share on a few of her favorite baby lines and go to places here in Greenpoint/Williamsburg. 
What is your go-to stroller that gets you around our city?
The Bugaboo Cameleon 3 is my city stroller. Since I both carry and stroll my youngest this is a great city stroller as I walk a lot with both my boys. Ask any city mom if she has walked through the snow and the resounding answer is "yes!" The handlebar can be put in reverse to move the large wheels forward when we hit a rocky path. This stroller stays steady which is a major plus when one is navigating through the city. 


You and the Well Rounded team really know your carriers! What carriers do you use?
There are some great ones out there. These are the three I am living in currently.
Solly Baby- the perfect newborn carrier. I basically lived in my Solly(s) the first three months. They're so soft and once you get the hang of the Solly wrap helps you hold baby close to your skin in the most stylish patterns. Also because of the wrap style, it's easy on your back!

Sakura-so simple to slip baby on and off. No better carrier to nurse in, it basically doubles as a nursing cover too. Did I mention they're beautiful?

Ergo 360-perfect for long adventures and will grow with baby from newborn (with no insert!) through toddler. Also, baby can be worn inward facing, outward facing and on your back. So many options!


What are a few of your favorite baby clothing lines?
I've gotten some great organic basics from Burt's Bees. Gray Label and also Ellie Funday hats. Also, Zara and H&M have great affordable options. Oeuf is a classic and always drool-worthy.

Since you seem to always be on the go here in Brooklyn with your new baby and six years old what is your fail-proof outfit? 

I would say either a romper with buttons on the chest so I can nurse paired with sneakers or clogs and a jacket or my loyal Hana sweater with jeans and loafers.


Favorite stores in the Greenpoint/Williamsburg?
Burson and Reynolds for home and gift-ables. Mirth for vintage. Pas Mal to swoon. Eastern district for cheese and beer!

Favorite kid-friendly restaurant? 
We love Esme brunch. It's delish and roomy enough for kids. During nice weather the yard is lovely.

Lastly. For our new moms or visiting mamas to our hood, what is a spot (this can be, sightseeing, ice cream)  that they should not miss?
The pier at Transmitter Park, Champion's cold brew on tap. Peter Pan Donuts. Ovenly's pistachio cardamom bread. Frankel's everything. I think I might be hungry :).



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