4 Unique animal/earthy theme books.... January 31 2017, 0 Comments

Something about winter has us wanting to curl up with the kiddies and read creative books that lend us adventure while we are stuck inside. Here are 4 books worth reading.

We Found A Hat by Jon Klassen Ages 4-8
We are big fans of I Want My Hat Back in our casa and this is another cool read from author Jon Klassen. This book may appeal to the minimalist parent with it's cool muted hues and deadpan humor...it's a book my son loves to read especially since he loves turtles. It is an easy and has a narrative that tells a sweet story a kid appreciates.

A Walk in the Forest by Maria Dek Ages Pre-k to 10

I received an advance copy of this lovely book and wanted to include it since it fit the theme. So many books have woods as being scary which of course they can be but we're talking kids here... let's have them have fun especially in reading. This book is about play and exploring , collecting stones, feathers...pinecones. Items my boy loves to pick up in a city park which is why this book is a great read for kids.

Where Did They Go? a spotting book by Emily Bornoff Ages 2-5

Follow the rhymes to find animals that may be unfamiliar which only part of the fun. Look, read and learn about these creatures in the beautiful illustrations.

123 Dream by Kim Krans Ages 3-7

This book is recommended age pre-K age to 7 however a baby would enjoy this beautiful read. The illustrations are vivid and pop out which will hold a wee ones attention. Each number (up to 20) are partnered with a creative illustration that strays from the conventional learning number books.