Mom Beauty, in my bag..... April 02 2014, 0 Comments

I'm doing some spring testing on products I feel are worth adding to your beauty bag. Here are 4 that have been making the rounds for the last few weeks! Let me know if you have a favorite product you think is worth trying!

Origins No Puffery-Because puffy eyes seem to be my new face and it is either to embrace these tired eyes or have surgery. I am not an eye surgery kind of girl so eye cream it is. Not formulated with a ton of chemicals, I love how this gel feels nice and cool on my eyes. It does take a fair amount of the puffiness away and the plus is I have zero redness with this eye solution.

Kiss My Face Sport Treat- Up until two weeks ago I had severe flakiness son my lips. I think the combination of the weather and traveling finally took its toll. After scrubbing my with some sugar I have been using this balm and they have stayed nice and soft. The plus is now with spring sports happening for the boy a SPF is needed, remember even if you do not see a sunny sky you need SPF protection. All natural, gluten, paraben and Phthalate free.

Laura Mercier Crème Liner in Graphite- This eye cream is a little extra I am doing to embrace spring. I haven't worn eyeliner in years but I am enjoying this cool color and feel I do not need much on the eye but a simple line on the lid. The plus? Look tres chic. Doesn't smudge and easy to clean off.

Urban Decay Skin Beauty Balm- I started testing this a week ago and so far, loving it. It hasn’t dried out my skin, the color has a nice glow to it and as the product promises I feel that my skin tone looks even. The balm consists of many wrinkle and skin boosting qualities, which may be true however I have only been testing it a week. I will say I have been asked at least 3 times this week what cream I am wearing. I will also be testing two other products, a foundation by Lorac and a new line called Eve Lom that I will post in the next few weeks on the results for a tinted coverage post. As I am loving the color of this product I could not find that this product is paraben free and for long term I prefer as many natural ingredients as possible so a bit of exploring is needed on the tinted coverage front.



6 Beauty Products to ease you out of winter... March 10 2014, 0 Comments





It goes without saying (but I am going to say it) that this winter has not exactly been a motivator to up one's beauty routine. There was definitely a point, perhaps the third snowstorm, where I kind of gave up on trying to wear pretty things. I just wanted to be warm. Now that we are starting to thaw up a bit and can be hopeful for sunnier days with spring on the horizon and no more snow days (fingers cross) we can all take a bit of peak of some products that ease us into the warmer weather. By warm I mean 40/50 ish East Coast mamas.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Nail polishes all Essie:

Sew Psyched is traditionally a fall color however I love it for spring, it is a great polish to balance any shots of color you start wearing and it looks great on nails, quite sophisticated but not without being a bold red.

Chinchilly-my favorite neutral with a hint of mauve, this color also works with much of your fall wardrobe but is a subtle way to welcome a more colorful wardrobe.

Secret Stash-My favorite toe nail color, who cares if you are the only one who can see this color or just say whatever to frigid temps and go pink.

New fun colors.

Kerastase Spray A Porter: This spray doesn't have a heavy smell like some textured products. The effect is light and tousled hair. 

Here is a nice DIY Beach Spray!

Love & Toast Shampoo: A light weight shampoo that smells minty. Hair has a nice shine and has that just clean smell. No paraben, phthalates, petrolatum or synthetic color.

Fresh Sugar Lip Polish: My skin especially lips became quite dry this winter. I love this scrub and used it just last night and felt immediate softness. Ingredients include oils of meadowfoam seed, jojoba seed, and grapeseed as well as  shea butter that  provides moisture.

My favorite DIY Sugar Lip Scrub.

Email me your fav beauty products for Spring!