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MB is finally getting back to mama profiles and what better way to start then with Amri Kibbler and Katya Libin, the two founders of heymama a curated community of creative mothers.

I personally heard of heymama when an editor friend mentioned I would love their gorgeous stream of pics on instagram . Being the creative savvy ladies that they are they first launched Hey Mama through this visual media outlet then came the heymama site which is equally inspiring. All I have to do is feel in a bit of a rut and read one of the inspiring posts of creative mamas navigating their families and creative lives.

Since one half of heymama lives in Brooklyn and this duo can often be found working in this creative nook of our neighborhood we wanted to share a bit about these two awesome ladies.

mb:  Back in the day (like, 2 years ago!) mothers connected through parents boards, email groups..many still do yet there is this world now of connecting only through social media channels. How do you feel social media, particularly instagram helps mothers connect? 
heymama: I think there is room for both, the boards are great for very local advice, what to do, and connecting to women in you neighborhood. Social media allows you to connect to women all over the world, to makes world so much smaller and more accessible. You an meet women you may want to collaborate with living on the other side of the planet.


mb: How can one be part of Hey Mama?
heymama: We are a member's only community so send us an email at hello@heymama.co or you can apply on our website.


mb: As partners and mothers do you find that this (working as partners) helps you both to maintain some kind of balance or sanity in your lives? 
heymama: So much! We support each other and try to really accommodate each other's schedules and allow for flexibility. I'm very pregnant and Katya has been supportive of my through all my doctor appointment and baby prep.


mb: Since one half of Hey Mama recently moved here to Williamsburg  how do you feel about the mom community here? 
heymama: We're still really new to the neighborhood, we just moved this summer, and would love to meet more moms in area. 



mb: Finally, last question! Any great Brooklyn mom businesses or a resource(s), cafes you have discovered?

heymama: There are so many talented moms in Brooklyn with businesses. Sour Ploom, Sweet William, Natti Natti, red rose & lavender , Ace & Jig, June & January....and so  many more!! I live across fromCampbell Cheese and practically live there. Everything is so fresh and delicious. 


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Erica is on baby #3 in case you missed this news. And with a gap of 4 years from her last round of wearing maternity clothes her bump clothes have been long gone, so she's had to start anew. Always a fan of Old Navy the maternity line has been an easy transition as she mixes her summer bump looks with some of her wardrobe favorites. I may be the residential stylist of MB but this lady has been showing me how its done and on a budget! A classic girl at heart who is obsess with blue she takes these pieces and mix & matches them to work with her style which is not always easy when your body is changing.



Ever been pregnant in New York in the summer? Just imagine... heat blasting at you with no escape...yuk. Everything feels hot and sticky. You’re already overheated to begin with so being creative with your wardrobe has it's challenges. A short skirt (under white jacket) is perfect for weekends when she is with her kid tribe but for a lunch date with her girlfriends she simply layers it a la a bandeau style over a maxi dress. The jean jacket is a non-maternity piece purchased in large size, sleeves cut, rolled and viola she has an outfit she won't overheat in.


What Erica is wearing:

Top look


Maternity Side-Panel Skinny Jeans

Some favorites:

Maternity Ruched-Side Swimsuits

Women's Striped Scarve

Women's Faux-Leather Crossbodies

Women's Criss-Cross Sandals Tip! If you worry about sliding in your shoes especially summer sandals, take sand paper and scruff them up to add some grit (texture) to the bottom. This will help.

Maternity Low-Panel Boyfriend Straight-Leg Jeans




Maternity Patterned Mini

Maternity Halter Maxi Dress

Bag: Vintage Chloe


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A working mom is a working mom. November 07 2014, 0 Comments

So as you all know, this past September I went back to work.  I only work 4 mornings a week. I am still able to bring my daughter to school, and get my son on the bus most days, before I rush off to work (thank goodness my husband has arranged to get him on the bus some of the days!). After work I have some time to myself (and by time to myself I mean I get to run errands kid-free!  I need to work on doing something luxurious for myself....) Then, I pick up my daughter, get my son off the bus, and ta-da!  My day is complete. So far, at two months in, everything was going pretty smoothly. 

But then the 'events' started happening. My daughter's class has already gone on two field trips that I couldn't attend.  After she begged for a parent to join her on the next one, my husband agreed and has made arrangements to join her. Then my son came home telling me about the party at his school where all the mommies and daddies were going to come. The morning parent-teacher breakfast I had replied 'unable to attend' was a bigger deal than I had realized.

What I have learned is that a working mama, is well, a working mama. It doesn't matter if it is part time, full time, at the office, at home.... you have committed yourself to a job, and sometimes, those working hours are just not flexible and you have to say no to your children. Obviously, your family benefits from your job - financially, or, even with mama being happy doing something outside of the home. But, sacrifices are made - big and little - while doing the parenting/working dance. It can be a beautiful balance - saying no to one thing, but, able to step up and do another. Or, one parent doing something that usually the other parent does. My daughter is thrilled that my husband has planned to go on the trip. And, my son loves waiting with him in the morning - it is a special alone time that he hasn't had much of with big sister (and mommy!) always around. It took me some time to get here, back to the working world. Balance? Not so sure this exists but like most mothers who stay at home or work-we are making it happen. 


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