Summer 911..five beauty products perfect for end of summer. August 26 2015, 0 Comments

As summer starts winding down you may find that you need to replenish some sun damage or change up an old product that gives you a bit of a beauty boost. 

Here are 5 beauty products worth giving a spin:

Rehydrate color treated hair

If summer has done a number on your hair and it is in need of a boost-I recommend this masque from Federic Fekkai. I have used it several times in the past with amazing results. Smooth, shining…one would never guess my hair was a crispy mess before this treatment. Fekkai Salon Tech Mask

Boost dull skin and lips

My skin has been feeling dirty (NYC is so dusty in August) and a bit dull. In comes Ever Skincare a line by the cool Stella & Dot peeps. So far the Biomimetric Pads pads are leaving my skin feeling nice and clean and with a slight glow…not that skin peel glow…just less tired. I also love that my skin hasn’t dried out form using these pads as the ‘peel’ in the title initially made me nervous. Ever Reveal Biomimetric Peel Pads 

Also from Ever Beauty ....The Smooth Lip Treatment is just but-tah for the soft. I also use it on my hands. A little goes a long way which is nice when beauty is priced in the higher range.

Cover Up

I had been testing a few products this summer, all with nice results however with this sort of hot and cool weather we are entering I wanted to try a product I can take into fall. I decided to give a foundation a try and see if itself me feel less sweat like (hot weather people will know what I mean). I had to look at the package as it feels more like a light serum. The coverage on this is pretty amazing. For not being heavy foundation it makes my skin look even and helps give it a light color boost as I tend to get a wee spotty in the sun. NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation

Give your eyelashes a boost

I love this mascara. Love it! I had forgotten how great it was until I was away and perusing a massive grocery store that have every kind of drugstore beauty product and stumble upon this affordable mascara. It gives long and full lashes just the right beauty perk if you are not a big makeup person. CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Mascara, Brown



 Post by Donna