3 Apps that help the mom on the go.

February 27, 2014

During our recent California trip I was surprised how much I relied on Apps while out with my son. Although I am from Cali I had never ran around and planned events with a child nonetheless MY child. The apps really help with time and the planning of our trip.

With the weather being so brutal (let's be honest) back here in the East I wanted to post 3 apps that I feel are great for the New York mom or the visiting mom. Regardless if you are the most seasoned mom it doesn't hurt to have the bus schedule at your fingertips or know where the nearest park is when you are in a new part of Brooklyn or Queens. If you are a new mom, knowing where a changing table can make you so ecstatic you may kiss the stranger next to you or at the least help make day trips with a baby a bit easier.

Transit App: Know when the next bus or train is coming. The handy easy-to-use trip planner will help you when venturing somewhere new. I especially like this for Brooklyn parents as I haven't really seen an app exclusively for Brooklyn or at least one I like. 

NYC Way: This is such a tourist app which is why I love it. I have to be reminded to get out of our little box and explore everything NY has to offer. i especially like the tabs where you can find the nearest Wifi (kid watch the iphone while you have a latte, conversation?!) and the Street Eats.

Mom Maps:  An app for most popular cities this app is geared towards the parent with child friendly picks and how to get there. An extensive list of parks, playgrounds, restaurants, museums and indoor play areas with reviews by parents. You'll also find parent bloggers and family travel experts with their top picks. 





Photo: New York Everyday