working it out.

February 03, 2012

I recently realized that the extra weight I’ve been carrying for the past 2 years was not miraculously going to disappear. I joined a gym, I never went. I purchased some fitness applications, they did not hold my interest. I honesty started to try to find a gym that offered classes at 6/7 a.m. The trick was I needed this gym to be very near my apartment so I could still manage to drop off my son at preschool and be at work all by 8:30. I have to take classes for I am lazy and I have to be led and told what to do when I work out, seriously it is the only way I’ll work out and even then my teachers have to threaten me into working out. This is why when my co-worker told me about the Daily Burn I was hesitant to try it. I’ve been pleasantly surprised! Daily Burn will give you a nutrition plan, workout plan, have a trainer check in on you and there are many other features depending on the level of plan you decide to join. I went with the ipad app, I was honest and when I filled out the profile I listed what I can (will) do. To start with I want to do 3 days, no longer then 45 minutes and no equipment. I have to be realistic, I am starting from zero and need to work within my schedule.  I receive up to four videos daily that are cater to my profile. The videos that are usually offered are pilate’s, kick boxing , pilates-cardio and honestly they are amazing workouts. The best part is that I am paying $10 a month for my ‘gym’ membership. I have to admit I am confused on why I cannot find the videos on the website however the offerings seem to be more extensive on the website where the application is more video focus. If you are better at taking in information and following advice and guidelines I say try the website. I also feel if you need to work out everyday yet cannot get to a class or gym everyday this is a great supplement for your weekly fitness plan. If you’re like me, need classes at off times and a visual then do the app if you have the appropriate devices. I’ll keep you updated on my progress, do know I’m not messing around, this body is getting in shape!