January 20, 2012

I just got an iTunes receipt for $8 this morning! Boy did we have a fun at home on Monday! Donna and C came over for a play date and we discovered a new app. All I heard after D&C left was I want this one, I want this one, mooooooooommy this one! Anything for my baby girl; especially if it buys me some time to cook lunch and sweep the floor while baby boy sleeps!
I thought I would share some of my daughters favorite iPad/iPhone apps. Hardly an original post idea but if you’re anything like me, you’re always on the look out for a new cool app:

*Puzzle snakes - Free (Have to upgrade to get all puzzles)
Great app that allows toddlers to do puzzles while skipping the cleaning up process of real puzzles… The puzzles get harder as you go and include numbers and letters. HUGE hit in our house!
*As an addendum; the same company also has a 25 in 1 app you can download to test all their apps. Its an awesome way to see what your child gravitates to.

*Talking Rex/Tom Cat/Princess/Fairy/Parrot/Etc: Free - $24.99
Fun app. The preferred item repeats everything you say. I am quite fond of the Talking Tom Cat and parrot because they are more interactive. My daughter loved them all, so much that I think I bought 6 different ones!
Talking Tom Cat has several versions. We chose this one.
The same company makes the parrot one too.

*Intro to Letters, by Montessorium - $4.99
This app is a great way to introduce drawing letters to your kids. Now that my daughter knows the ABC’s and can easily recognize them, we thought we’d giving drawing them a try. So far so good!

*Ladybug’s Bookshelf - Free; comes with 1 free story. Add’l stories are $1.99+
My aunt sent E a subscription of babybug magazine for her 1st birthday and we LOVE it! Ladybug’s Bookshelf is a great way to keep the fun going. There are a lot of  e-readers out there, but I like that its from Cricket (my grandma always kept our Cricket subscription current)  so we are familiar with the characters and the stories are read by children.

*Zoo Train - $1.99
This is a new one for us but much loved. It has a few different things you can do. Play music, build train tracks & trains, and spell words. Its inexpensive and multifaceted enough to hold their attention. Plus I love hearing my daughter sing all the songs! 

Now if we could only get Frolic to make their interactive screen into an app….

Posted by: Jessica Glorieux