5 kids eat/snack gear musts!

October 11, 2017



My wee one is finally excited about food - and I'm excited to see what new eating supplies have hit the market since I last shopped for this kind of baby gear. 


Check out some of our top picks!


1. Green Sprouts Glass Sip & Straw Cup 

This cup is pretty cool. First of all, it's glass. I love glass. So far, it's been durable and I love that I can truly get it clean. Another thing I love - it's both a sippy or a straw cup. You can decide what top you want to use.  So, rather than buy a sippy cup now and then a straw cup in a few months - you are set!


I do love silicone bibs, but with a younger babe I find them to be too stiff. I love a simple waterproof bib which means these are easier to wipe food off .These cute animal designs are a hit in my house!


This is awesome!  I saw my friend using it with her daughter at a restaurant and knew I needed it. I had something similar with my older kids, but this is way better. It comes in a carrying case - a huge help to both keep it clean in your diaper bag, and then, after it's been used, it will keep your diaper bag clean. A win win.  It has compartments. So an easy way to offer a small variety during meal times.  A great go-to for eating out.  I wish it had suction cups. Note - they do make a version with suction cups, but it doesn't come with the case. So maybe you could pop it into a plastic container that you already own?  Both have great design features.  Easy to use at home or at a restaurant. 


This container is great because it has both a lid that will seal/close the container to keep a snack fresh, and, it has a soft plastic barrier so your babe can't dump a snack. I like that the lid is attached - one less part to misplace - but I also worry that as my daughter gets older/stronger she may break it off. But for now, I'm loving it!  Love the bright colors and easy to grip handles. 


Now that my little one is learning the art of eating this On-the-Go Feeding Spoon gets tucked into the diaper bag on our daily excursions especially now that summer is looming near. She may not use this every feeding as we are still in finger food stage but it is there for her to 'figure' out...experiment with her first 'big' utensil. The spoon is designed to prevent over feeding and the handle is easy to grip. 



Post by Erica