Motherburg's Best: 9 Bath time favorites

June 08, 2015



As I prepare for my third baby, I have to say I am sort of blown away at the 'new' products that have hit the market as well as some of my favorites that I first discovered when I became a mom six years ago. I am taking my time to explore each baby category to see what is out there, and see what I want to purchase to either replace or round out my current baby stash.


This post, I am focusing on bath time.  One of my favorite things to do with a newborn!


I have recently discovered Shoosha.  This amazing company has been around since 2010 and is delivering top notch products that are pure and organic.  Considering the tiny little bodies that we are using soaps, washes, shampoos, lotions, oils.... the list can be endless, it is nice to know that Shoosha is looking out for moms everywhere and only using the best ingredients.  I am in love with the entire lavender and vanilla line (they also offer unscented products as well) and have even been using the massage oil on my belly as a time to relax and connect with the tiny life growing inside of me.  I plan to replenish my stock of baby wash & shampoo, lotion, and massage oil in time for my baby's arrival. 


With my first two kids I had towels I loved, and towels I hated.  I was shocked that something so thin, scratchy, and blah could be given the label 'baby bath towel'.  I found myself just using our regular towels, but even with a large bath size towel it was a bit awkward and I was missing the hood feature.  Here are my favorite towels:
I really love the Carter's towels - but I found them to be a bit on the smaller size, but perfect for a nb- 12 months.  Soft, hooded, and the perfect size for a squirmy baby.
I also love this towel from Giggle.  A bit larger, so great for 12+ months.  Soft and absorbent, it is perfect for a growing toddler!


This is where many moms draw a line in the sand, some (like myself) prefer a no frills sponge to lay the baby down in the regular tub.  Others prefer a more elaborate bath unit - either because they may only have a shower stall, or, simply prefer to have a smaller, more intimate place to lay the baby.  Here are my picks:
If space is an issue, consider a simple bath sponge.
If you want a full service tub, consider one that will take you from newborn to toddler, such as this Fisher Price 4 in 1 tub


Rather that purchase a kneeler, consider getting a step stool, you will need it later on down the road for hand washing and toilet training - and I found it more comfortable to plop on that then kneel at the side of the tub.
Everyone loves a bath toy!  I am a bit nutty with my kids - they must fully rinse and shake off all toys when we are done (trying to prevent mold and mildew) and then we store them in a cute drying bag like this one:
Skiphop Bath Toy Organizer
I avoid squirting toys (again, can't deal with the mold and mildew) but we love pouring cups and cute animals that float (bonus if they alert you of too hot tub water!)
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