Strolling with the Bugaboo Cameleon3 Elements

October 21, 2016


As a mom of three I've owned 9 strollers. From a cheap $25 one to a higher end $800+ one.  Every stroller I've owned has had some great features, and has lacked some features. I've recently had the chance to use the latest Bugaboo Cameleon3 Elements. And it was amazing.

Living in Brooklyn, your stroller is like your car. You are using it every day. Some days I leave the house to bring my older two children to school then I'm out and about until I pick them up, and then we are all out and about until dinner. So you need a functional stroller. And, in addition to function, you want it to look good. Because people notice. To be honest, I didn't think people would notice that I was pushing around a different stroller.  I use my stroller in rear facing mode, I was using the Elements in rear facing mode. So in my mind, it wasn't a shocking difference.  It's a stroller you'd say!  But it's more than that. It's a part of you.  You will use it more often than your favorite sandals or boots. You will use it more often than your favorite swim suit or jacket. And the reason here is obvious. You will use it everyday, year round, all seasons.  So, lots of friends said, oh, you got a new stroller?  Or, wow, what a beautiful stroller. People totally noticed my one year old riding around in style. Mainly because the Elements stroller really stands out. It's not black. It's not grey.  It's a beautiful sea of blues.  Gender neutral blues.  With the reversible blue/pink jersey seat liner, I was able to add a pop of pink for my daughter. And man, that seat liner was soft and plush.

The push on the Elements is amazing.  I'm sure you have heard 'A Tree Grows in Brooklyn'. And they do. And I love tree lined trees.  But those trees have roots. And those roots sometimes pop up sidewalks, making for some bumpy terrain. But, I glided right over the bumps, cracks, and cobblestones that Brooklyn is known for.

It also has front lock wheels (but that's become a standard feature on many swivel wheeled strollers). But what sets this stroller apart is the fact that you can flip the handlebar and the larger back wheels can become the front wheels. Great for a tougher terrain. Maybe the beaches of Rockaway are calling you. This stroller would make a day trip to Rockaway an easy reality as you push through the sand for the perfect spot for your blanket.

Ready for a New York winter?  No one wants to be cooped up with a toddler - so, as moms, we head out!  And snow be damned, we go for a post blizzard walk.  And with this stroller, it's easy peasy.  These wheels are made for function.

Strolling around Brooklyn doing errands, I usually try to plan in some breaks for my babe. A stop at the library for some story time or the playground for some swinging time. Usually I'm lifting her in and out and untangling her arm or hand or foot from the straps. But man. The five point harness on this stroller is the best harness I've ever used. I've had other strollers that were five point and had both pieces (cheat and waist) unclip. However, this harness is so superior. You simply press the release button and all of the straps unlock at once.  There is no feeding the chest strap into the waist strap and then clicking. There is no wiggling a baby's arm out of a strap. The chest and waist straps are all released independently  and you simply lift your child out.  This is so easy and helpful, it was by far my favorite feature. It made popping my daughter in and out a breeze. And then when it was time to go, if she was fussy, it also helped that I didn't have to feed her arms through a strap. I pulled them over her shoulders and thighs and bam. Ready to clip.

My own, personal hesitations on this stroller have always been that it's annoying to take the seat off and fold the seat and chassis separately. But you know what?  Two of the strollers I've owned could be folded with or without seat.  And guess what I did almost 100% of the time?  You guessed it. I removed the seat when folding. It helped fit more stuff in the trunk, or even make more room in the hallway. So, guess what. Removing the seat isn't that big of a deal. If putting the stroller in the car, removing the seat gives you so much more room. Once you pop the seat off, this stroller folds super fast. And to open it is even easier.  So, if you own a car, or uber is your ride, you can break down in seconds.

When I'm out and about hitting the post office and meeting a friend for a coffee, that means my baby girl needs to nap on the go. When it comes to a recline I much prefer strollers that have locked positions. I find myself getting frustrated (and waking a napping baby) if I'm trying to adjust a strap a little bit here and a pull and a twist there. I love to click into position and be done. I also require a fully upright position. The Elements has both. Check. Check.  My only gripe about this stroller is that it requires two hands to recline. You must push a button on either side of the stroller at the same time. On day one I was very clumsy. But by day three I was used to it. This is the number one (and only!) area of improvement.  I want to be able to do a one handed recline while I hold a cold brew coffee in the other hand.

Living in Brooklyn means using your stroller to transport lots of items. Laundry. Packages for the post office. Grocery bags. And I love that I can fill up the under carriage bag and then tighten the bag so nothing falls out.

I always tell new moms - it's so much fun (and great for baby's development) if you can look at, talk to, and sing to your baby while strolling around your 'hood. This is hands down one of my top needs for a stroller. A cool feature while you have the seat in the rear facing mode - is you can pull the stroller up to a restaurant table and lower the handlebar so your baby is right up at the table with no sight obstruction. Fantastic for eating out at your favorite local restaurant with the whole family.

Overall I loved this stroller. The Bugaboo is an iconic brand. This Elements special edition is gorgeous.  The shades of blue are so pretty. The fabric is so luxurious. The handlebar and carry handle are hand stitched faux leather.  This stroller is a wow factor. I got tons of compliments everywhere I went. And when you use a stroller for three years (or more!) it's nice to have one that YOU like to look at, while enjoying features that are both functional for mom and bang as well as pleasing to the eye.