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Time is closing in and if you are there looking for a present for the mom (or yourself!) in your life here are my picks that say Order soon as some of these picks may take a bit longer to get to you as I am already noticing a lag in shipments the last few days. 

1. I'm quite obsess with these leather decals and seriously debating if they go on my Christmas list. At $55 a letter you may want to stick to initials but love the idea of dressing up my white tote with these so stay tune..  Alphabet textured-leather stickers via Net A Porter

2. Another favorite. I checked with Samantha Hahn on the inventory and these bags are back in stock. I love the idea of adding a larger present...say clog boots(hint..hint ) to the bag.  Samantha Hahn Mama Canvas Tote

3. All profits after cost from the  sale of this Mother design go to Women for Women International ...a charity that helps women in 8 war-torn regions rebuild their lives through training programs. Red Mother Sweatshirt via The Mother Shop

4. This is a cool take on the alphabet charm world. Not tiny so definitely check out as these charms have a lot of 'personality'.  A-Z Alphabet Letter rose gold-plated pendants $130

5. This charm comes from across the sea so order soon if you have a special mum in your life who may appreciate it's stylish design. Via Maisonirem 

6. I have seen this design a bit but still not sick of it and I think it would make an awesome gift. Tmeprinting 

7. A fun stocking stuffer for mom that says it all in two words. HelloCharmsHQ

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When I had my daughter - all my mom friends proudly sported a charm with their child’s initial.  I wasn’t that into it.  Then I had my son, and I still wasn’t into it.  I am my own person, why do I need to show the world anything but me?  But then, after a very hard day of parenting two children and being fully exhausted, my husband took the kids and I went shopping.  Alone.  As I wandered around the store, I was eager to treat myself to something fabulous… a new bag?  No, I was in diaper bag mode. New clothes?  No, my body was still very much post-baby and I didn’t even want to try clothes on.  I found myself in the jewelry department and came across the charm section.  I suddenly had that post-baby emotional moment of being a mother to those two precious babies that are mine and I would do anything for them.  And all of a sudden I *had* to have a charm to show the world, I am a mama, hear me roar!  I don’t wear my ‘mom necklace’ every day, but I love it.  It has become a regular in my necklace rotation.   And I also love that when I am wearing it and my daughter is on my lap, she will very carefully make sure her letter is on top!   

Fast forward three years and once again I am filled with an emotion of realizing that the two initials I wore around my neck were made possible by a different initial.  Not wanting to add a third letter to the mix, my necklace was special - representing my children, not my husband, and I decided I wanted a bracelet.  After hours on etsy (no luxury of shopping alone in a store for hours….) I found these adorable bracelets.  I love lower case letters and was wanting to add some gold tone jewelry into my collection, so this was the perfect find!  I now proudly wear these on my wrist and everytime I look at them - I think of my husband.  A nice smile throughout the day.


So, while at first I wasn’t into the idea of wearing other people’s initials, I have come to realize that those initials are a part of me and who I am.  I also think it will be a nice item to pass down - maybe one day my daughter will want to wear her K charm, and while it would make me a bit sad to give it up, I would love that it is a piece that she would want that in a weird way, is a piece of me.

Here are some other initial pieces that I love:


Elsa Peretti letter pendants (available in sterling silver, 18k gold, and rose gold)

(feature ‘m’ for Motherburg!)

I love the whimsical look of these lower case script letters

Catbird Jewelry Alphabet Earrings (available in 14k gold or sterling silver)

Who didn’t have initial earrings as a kid?

Not ready to wear initials?  How about a key ring?  A fun way to remember those you love every time you open the door or start the car.






Erica has a MA in Early Childhood Education from New York University. She is currently a stay at home mom to a 4 year old pony loving ballerina and a 2 year old metrocard holding bus driver.




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