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I cannot believe how fast my boy is growing. We recently had to revamp his space again and are planning an even larger revamp with a wall here and new grown up art work, meaning not baby. Right now we’re still bit in the in between as mom is having a hard time parting with some of the stuff animals from the nursery days. Until he throws them at me in disgust I plan to keep them around.

Some simple ways I made changes:

Twin bed, a toddler bed can work for most young children however my kid is tall and he kept breaking his small bed. We looked at a variety of beds from the very cheap to the eco- friendly and although I wanted to go green, I decided this bed was more sensible and work within our budget, which turn out not to matter for my in laws ended up buying it for their grandson. Lucky us! The only thing with being in Brooklyn I couldn’t find the bed near by  and it had to be purchased out of state and driven in by my in laws. Sounds complicated but they actually road trip here often.

T-rex- yup he’s as scary as he looks but right up my kids alley. It also brought the room up many notches to a serious boy space. T-rex is heavy and is meant for 8 and up so I place him in an area that feels safe and my son cannot reach him.

I had this Eames knock off rocking chair in the nursey and still love it. I place it by his bed so I can work while he hangs out on his bed. I took off the faux sheepskin I had on it during the nursery days, place it down as a rug and redecorated it with my old faux vest and pillows I’ve had for ages.

This hook is a fun replacement to the more nursery-ish hooks I had up and only $3.

I pulled this lucite box from the trash when the ELLE magazine team left, hey their trash is my treasure. I place plenty of padding (Ikea Faux sheepskin) around the play area as I can get over all the bruise this kid gets. I also use large tote bags I’ve had for years as storage in an effort to recycle what we already have.

My Inspiration:Kid decor pinterest page

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These Jammies Prêt-à-Porter are available in an array of colors and are simply divine. Meryl and Brian Levy the brother and sister team of Jammies design these with their love of European craftsmanship. They then bottle them up in a jar which stems from their father who gifted pajamas to expectant parents back in the day. Love!

Photo, Jammies Prêt-à-Porter

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Joanna Dreifus founder of Special Kids NYC provides consulting to NYC parents of children with special needs on all topics, ranging from Early Intervention to preschool & kindergarten applications. We at Motherburg had a few questions that can help parents who may be new to the in’s and out’s of providing the best care for your special needs child.

MB: Once you realize your baby/toddler may have special needs what is one of the first steps a parent should take?

Special Kids NYC: The first step  you should take if you suspect your baby/toddler may have special needs or even just a delay (such as not crawling or walking, or not babbling or talking) is to talk to your pediatrician.  Don’t be afraid to bring this up, no matter how young your child is, or how much well-meaning friends or family tell you “don’t worry.”  Your pediatrician may be able to assure you that your child’s development is within the “typical” range (very often, it is), or may tell you that they suspect a delay, in which case they will refer you for an Early Intervention evaluation.  Caveat:  Even if your pediatrician tells you everything is OK, if you feel very strongly that there is still a problem (especially compared to the development of all of your child’s peers and/or older sibling(s)), you still have the right to request a referral for evaluation.  It is better to listen to your gut/intuition in some cases.  

MB: How as a parent can a parent deal with social environments with their child?

Special Kids NYC: Parents of *all* children—typically developing or not—are bound to have some exasperating or embarrassing moments when out in public with their toddler or preschooler (supermarket meltdowns, anyone?).  But if your child has special needs such as autism spectrum disorder or sensory processing disorder, they may be “triggered” even more easily in some situations, including at music classes, birthday parties, or playgroups. If people are staring or rolling their eyes, try to ignore it.  They don’t “get it”; they haven’t walked in your shoes. Also, it is normal to experience some discomfort (or even to be jealous of other parents) when your child stands out among a crowd of typically-developing children.  My best pieces of advice?  1) Remember your child’s strengths, and that he/she is more than their diagnosis or “label.”  Enjoy all the special moments that you can—even if they are different (or happen on a later timetable) than other children’s.   2) Try to meet other parents who have children with developmental delays (for example, in a support group).  You are part of a special club, and can give each other much-needed support and friendship—not to mention a good laugh.  

MB: Can you please share with us what your business/organization provides?
Special Kids NYC:  Any parents who has concerns about their child’s development, and/or concerns about how to get the right help if necessary, can contact me.  There are no silly questions. Sometimes parents feel embarrassed for worrying too much about a child, and aren’t sure if they should really seek help—I can help them make this determination.  Or, once a child has been identified as having special needs or a developmental delay, I can help with a range of issues—from finding the best Early Intervention therapists for your child to handling the emotional stress and challenges of raising a child with these delays (such as dealing with friends & family, the stresses it puts on a marriage, how to find support/respite for yourself, etc.)
Thank you Joanna, for more info on Special Kids NYC, click here.

Warm weather mama. April 09 2013, 0 Comments

Warm weather mama.

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The upside of dating before meeting the one is that you bring experiences to your relationship. Thus is why my husband knows Asian cuisine. From his ex-girlfriend he has taught me how to make sushi and these yummy spring rolls. They were quite hard at first, I could not quite get the wrappings soft enough to have them not break when rolling. My husband also accused me of making them like burritos when I first started, hey dude, I’m Latin, what do you want? Now I’m quite good and the rolls take minutes to make and a plus is they are delicious and healthy.

Ingredients I use:

8  Spring Roll Wrappers, I buy mine at Wholefoods for they always have the rice mixture that is gluten free.

1/2 pound of Vietnamese Rice vermicelli

15-24 medium sized cooked shrimp, I put about 3 in each role depending on size of shrimp.

6 scallions, cut thinly

Cucumbers or carrots, thinly sliced, I put about 3 in each roll

1/2 cup of basil or cilantro leaves

Peanut sauce for dipping *if your children are eatting peanuts

* I do not use lettuce leaves however most recipes call for lettuce.

Because the cooking directions can be a bit confusing when first learning to make spring rolls I think Martha Stewart’s directions are the best when first learning, once you get them down, so easy.

Photo, Motherburg

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Finally my niece arrived over the weekend. She is of course precious and I had forgotten how tiny newborns are! I learned to swaddle when I was 13 with the arrival of a little sister. In my experience Latin swaddles their babies tight and when I became a mother I was afraid to use the techniques I was taught however my nurse swaddled my screaming son in minutes with an ultra tight swaddle that quickly cocooned him and put him at ease. I was never at ease swaddling him tight however I learned to do a firm hold  once he started to move his arms out and was heavy enough I went onto a swaddle sleep sack which was a God send.
To Swaddle:
Start with a blanket that is meant to swaddle.

Step 1

Start by spreading the receiving blanket out on a bed, the floor, or a couch. Fold down one corner, then lay baby diagonally on the blanket so that her head and neck are above the fold. She can be dressed in light clothing, or bare except for her diaper.

Step 2

Take one corner of the blanket across baby’s body and tuck it under her back. If she’s on a raised surface, keep one hand on top of her at all times. Though babies young enough to be swaddled aren’t agile enough to roll over, a sudden reflex could cause them to move.

Step 3

Next, take the opposite corner of the blanket and fold it over baby’s chest. Tuck some of it behind her back and some of it into the rest of the blanket. Make sure her nose and mouth are not covered.

Step 4

Finally, take the bottom triangle of the blanket and tuck it gently under baby’s chin to complete the swaddling. Be certain that baby is not wrapped too tightly. She’ll be most comfortable if she feels snug, not squeezed.

Step 5

Baby will feel most snug if her arms are tucked in at her sides. Once she falls asleep, you can lay her on her back in the crib and gently unwrap her. Undress baby down to her diaper.

I like swaddle sacks from Target and Halo Sleep Sacks are amazing. Need more postnatal tips on your newborn? Here is a useful guide from Jessica of helpful resources.

5 step tips Photo Source: via Deb on Pinterest

This is a great organization that accepts all types of diaper... April 08 2013, 0 Comments

This is a great organization that accepts all types of diaper donations. Perfect if you have residual diapers. There are mothers out there who have NO money for diapers so glad there are organizations such as this, thanks Kristin! To Donate.

via missmommamindi:

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     image         image             



One piece I always recommend to pregnant moms to be is the shirt dress.  It is not only a great transitional piece that can be found in every price range it it is flattering during pregnancy and after. If you aren’t able to find one in the maternity world I suggest buying at least 2 to 3 sizes larger and wear that baby to it’s threadbare. Wear with leggings if it’s cold, boots and once it warms up throw on some chic gladiator sandal’s. Post pregnancy- belt it, wear a slim fitting blazer and if you are done being pregnant and rather not have it so billowy have it taken in at your local tailor or go thrifty like I do and pay $15 at the local dry-cleaner for a slimmer fix. Chic Mama!

Photo: Hatch (the most amazing maternity line and shirtdress available here.)


1. Splendid Chmbray Shirtdress via American Rag

2. Classic Boatneck Dress via Shopbop

3.Half Buttoned Shirt Dress via Vanessa Bruno

4. Merona Women’s Elastic Shirtdress via Target

Maria Sybilla Merian’s Doodle as an inspiring illustrated story for children! Via Timbuktu April 05 2013, 0 Comments

This Google Doodle was featured a few days back about the great Swiss naturalist Maria Sybilla Merian. She documented all the steps of the metamorphosis of many insects and contradicted the belief of her times that insects would spontaneously generate from mud. Maria Sybilla’s story is a great, inspiring story for all the little girls who aspire to become scientists one day. This is why Timbuktu published an amazing illustrated story about her on Timbuktu Magazine.

Here it is!

Brought to you by Timbuktu.

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This is one of my favorite snacks to eat. I used to have this at Supercore at least once a week. They serve it on a toasted baguette which I will use whenever I have any loaves around however we tend not too have much bread in the kitchen. As I’ve mentioned in the past we always seem to have frozen naan from TJ’s. It’s quite delish and takes 10 minutes to make which is all the time I seem to have to myself especially on weekends.    

How To:

  1. Toast one naan, pitta, pretty much any kind of bread you prefer.
  2. Mash one avocado up with a fork 
  3. Squeeze at least half a lemon over the avocado, I tend to like things very lemon-y you may only need to squeeze a bit.
  4. Add salt and pepper and my favorite part S&B Nanami Togarashi chili pepper (this you may want to skip if you are giving this to the kiddos.) I buy my spice at Kims on Driggs or Bedford, most Japanese stores also carry this spice.

photo, Motherburg

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I received some Derek Lam loot as a Christmas present from DesignNation and was pleasantly surprise how stylish, wearable and chic the pieces are. I feel that these are pieces that can work for a mom who wants some chic items yet affordable. I especially loved the shirt dresses and can see my mom friends wearing them. Honestly, this line is SO cute!  You can shop online now.

Click here for more info

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I really appreciated the play blankets I received while pregnant. A great play blanket has a little more padding and fits into your bag or diaper bag. They are great for tummy time, when you’re out and about and as extra cushioning if you have hard wood floors.

Some of our picks:

Potty Training Setbacks April 01 2013, 0 Comments

I had to travel a few weeks back and while away my husband broke the news that my son started to regress back to needing a pull up. I was pretty bummed and it wasn’t just one accident it was all day- every day while I was away. As soon as I returned he didn’t have any incidents and didn’t need a pull up. However- if he has a babysitter or  someone other then myself is with him he has accidents. I honestly didn’t know how to deal with this so I’ve been researching and found this article via Mommypage quite helpful.

Causes of Potty Training Regression

As with most things, part of the trick to identify why a behavior is occurring is to try to track down the trigger. Children can’t always verbalize what’s going on with them or why they’re behaving a certain way. It’s up to us as parents to put some of the pieces together and help them figure it out. There are several triggers that could be the root cause of potty training regression.

1)  Genetics – The trigger may be as simple as the difference between boys and girls. Girls are traditionally easier to potty train than boys, although no one can really figure out why. Boys are traditionally more active than girls, which may play a factor in boys’ apparent disinterest in going pee when there’s something more interesting going on that they don’t want to miss out on.

2)   Distraction – As mentioned above, some children get to the stage where they simply are too involved in what they’re doing to either notice that they need to go pee, or to put off going pee until they can’t hold it any longer. This can be exacerbated by the amount of fluids they’ve had, and the amount of activity they’re involved in.

3)  Stress – Children respond to stress in many different ways and it’s sometimes hard to pinpoint. This is one of the areas where you have to be vigilant about analyzing all the things going on in a child’s life and helping them deal with that stress through different means than peeing on the floor. Children can feel stressed when there’s a change in their routine—whether it’s starting a new daycare, the arrival of a new baby, a move to a new home, or marital conflict. “[R]egression can actually be a healthy way for a child to meet her emotional needs at a time when life feels overwhelming.” (AAP)

4)  Infection – If the accidents occur really suddenly and are accompanied by a burning sensation and strong ammonia smell, your child may have a urinary tract infection. It’s a good idea to contact your doctor and arrange an appointment, until then cranberry juice (100% cranberry juice not blended with other juices) is a simple home remedy. It is quite tart so mixing it with water, ginger ale or apple juice is fine, just make sure there is more cranberry juice in the mix. This usually works in a day or two. If potty issues continue, you will know that it’s likely not a medical issue, but a psychological one.

How to get Potty Training Back on Track

Of course, the question remains, what do you do about potty training. Do you go back to diapers for a bit? Do you punish the child? Do you ignore it as just a phase and rest in the thought that things will get back to normal soon?

One of the misconceptions about teaching children many things is that they will automatically know when they need to go pee and will tell you, when it’s really about us helping them recognize when they need to go and to establish this as a normal and okay life practice. So…

1)  Be patient and firm: Be patient about redirecting their attention and efforts to go potty. This includes following your “mommy” instincts. If your child is saying, “No, no, no. I don’t have to go” but he’s wiggling or hasn’t used the potty in about an hour, you need to take his hand and lead him to the bathroom. You’re the parent. You need to reinforce the behavior you want him to follow. Reading books about potty training can help with the reinforcement, as well. Children will identify with children in the books and start to accept that it is normal and okay.

2)  Identify the problem and address it and their feelings. Take care of any possible medical reasons for the potty issues. Look into dietary or schedule-oriented issues. Make sure you acknowledge their feelings if it’s a stress or schedule-oriented issue. For example, “I know you’re afraid Billy is going to touch your toys. I will watch them for you while you go potty.” “We can’t go in the car until you go potty.” “When you go potty, then you can play with that toy.” This lets the child know that going potty is the priority, while also acknowledging how they may be feeling about a particular situation.

3) Be consistent: Keep the rules consistent. This is particularly tricky where many children live in separated homes and there may be different rules in the ex-spouse’s house. The most important thing is not to go back to diapers. This will only further confuse the child.

4) Offer positive reinforcement and rewards: Every child has their “price” –things they respond to as rewards. Nowadays it’s probably frowned upon to bribe your children, but there’s nothing wrong with a little positive reinforcement of good behavior. For some children this is as simple as a potty dance or hug or a big “Hooray”. For other children, it may be a special sticker or the promised ride in the car. Believe it or not, letting the child clean up the mess is not punishment, and is actually positive reinforcement—if done with the right attitude. You’re reinforcing the fact that going to the potty is their responsibility and if they don’t do it, there are unfortunate consequences. Children usually like to help, anyway. Jumping up and down and screaming (which is probably very tempting) is obviously negative reinforcement and can actually make the behavior continue. Not only is the child getting attention, but your reaction can also put additional stress on them, only adding to the stress that could be causing the behavior in the first place.


Article via Mommypage

Darlene Oakley is a freelance writer for


End Potty Training Regression Now. Geizer, Emily. Child Perspective: Real Parenting Solutions. Web . Aug 13, 2012.

Ages & Stages: Regression. American Academy of Pediatrics. Web. Aug 13, 2012.

Ask Dr. Sears: Peeing In Other Places. Sears, Dr. William. Web. Aug 13, 2012.

Photo Source: via Donna on Pinterest

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Is Spring weather here? I hope so as I love spring jackets, so tired of the heavy bulky ones that are a morning battle to get on. An easy jacket that can be layered, thrown in my bag or the backpack is so much easier and stylish. There are quite a few out there at all price brackets, these are some of my favorites!

Yes it is that time of year! I have already started the Spring... March 29 2013, 0 Comments

Yes it is that time of year! I have already started the Spring Cleaning and have bags going out to a fellow mom in need and the local Greenpoint flea market. I must admit , I am a huge contradiction, I have a ton of beauty products due to the fact I work at a magazine but it is true you only need a few. This post is a great reminder on how one can minimize all their stuff.

Reblogged from bklynorbeyond:

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The 2nd ANNUAL McGOLRICK EASTER EGG HUNT is tomorrow,  Saturday, March 30 at 11 a.m, McGolrick Park (Russell St & Nassau Ave), Brooklyn. $5  

From Town Square:

An old-fashioned Easter egg hunt at McGolrick Park for kids up to 10 years of ages.  Music, arts/crafts and eggs, of-course, with a separate baby & toddler egg hunt area.  Do keep an eye out for special eggs with prizes and raffle tickets inside!  Bring a picnic lunch and celebrate the start of Spring. $5 (babies under 1 years old free).  Kids must be accompanied by a responsible adult. And please let us know if you’d like to donate or volunteer.  One of Time Out NY Kids’ top 10 Easter egg hunts this year! 

I know from last year it got a bit nutty, if you can volunteer your time or any kind of Easter Eggs please contact Town Square.

Also, Mommy Poppins has a great list of 30 Easter Egg hunts around the city.

Image Alderberry Hill

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Every week we’ll start pinning our favorite pin from pinterest. Have one you like to submit? Email us at

Source: via Donna on Pinterest

DIY crafts for kids, R2-D2 Robot March 26 2013, 0 Comments

Star Wars R2-D2 Robot Paper Craft  {printable}

My son hasn’t seen Star Wars yet however he knows a lot about it due to some Star Wars obsess fans in his class. Huge fan or not he would enjoy this printable Robot Paper Craft especially since spring break is here and craft projects are very much needed to keep everyone sane! Click on picture for PDF and instructions!

Star Wars R2-D2 Robot Paper Craft {printable}, shared by Laurie Turk on Tip Junkie

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My sister in law Bee is about to have that baby, can she please get here?! We have been waiting to meet her and C is anxious for his new cousin. Bee and her hubby Charles shared these pics from the nursery. So sweet.

The Deets:

Baby animal prints


Dresser/changing station: bellini (found used on craigslist)

Paint for room: benjamin moore natura voc-free 

DIY deer paintings on wall:  Here is a great wall stencil tutorial from Land of Nod’s Blog Honest to Nod

DIY mobile: Looking to make your own here is  25 Free Mobile Tutorials via Prudent Baby

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You cannot pay me to drink (well, maybe a little) Kool Aid but to use as dye for eggs is such a great idea. The saturated colors are Lovely Indeed.


Sharpie to decorate eggs? Brilliant Idea and love that the kiddies can channel their inner artist. Via


Make use of all those stranded rubber bands on your counter and design some chic stripe-y eggs. I can see my boy going crazy over this one. Via momtastic


Easter egg dying all organic? Easy! I have all these ingredients in my kitchen. Why bother using dyes that are store bought and most likely not natural unless you go to an organic store. Via Dotcoms for mom This list is also really helpful for natural dyes.

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It was only a matter of time before one of the stylish bloggers I know expanded her talents beyond words and cool finds to beautiful designs. Our own Brooklyn-based children’s style blogger Amanda de Beaufort of Coos & Ahhs has teamed up with Toto Knits  to launch a capsule collection of organic cotton knitwear for children. The collection, Coos & Knits, is inspired by the playful spirit of childhood and is based on the whimsical drawings by Colombian artist Manuel Kamanovitz that adorn Drawing from her years of covering the children’s wear industry and her role as a mother of two young children, the pieces are chic yet wearable. I love that they are so unique yet are attainable by being available on Toto Knits. The collection palette consist of muted pink, electric blue, soft grey and high contrast black-and-cream pieces for children ages zero to six, staying true to Amanda’s vision of unisex, functional and fun pieces for active children. 

Photo, Coos and Ahhs

Journey To Motherhood, My first year being a mama... March 22 2013, 0 Comments


Name: Michele Walthers
Hometown: Plainview, New York
Current town: Living in Glen Cove, New York 3 years
living in NY my entire life, all different areas

Occupation: Mom and Freelance Graphic Designer

When did you first become a mother? First became a mom to Milo on December 23, 2008. 

Before becoming a mother, what did you know about motherhood? Was the reality close to your personal image/idea? Before becoming a mom, I wanted to have four children. I grew up in a very large Italian family. Everything revolved around family and I wanted to continue my traditions with a big family of my own. I always saw how the women in the family were so strong and important, basically the glue that held everything together. The moms always knew what to do and how to do it. I soon found out that sometime, that is not always the case. That it is God who is really in charge and life constantly throws you curve balls.

How would you describe the first year? My first year of motherhood was the worst year of my life…and madness continued through the second year. After giving birth to my beautiful son, I was hit so hard with postpartum depression. Something I knew nothing about and was never educated about. A terrible condition that my doctors never told me could happen to me. Something that came upon me and robbed me and my son of two whole years of bond time.

Did you have a support system near by? I had an amazing support system. That was the only reason I was able to get throw. Along with an amazing husband, I had two women with me each and every day I needed them. One was a postpartum therapist who was like an angel sent to me from God and the other was my wonderful mother. The irony: becoming a mom for the first time but needing my own mom at the same time to get me thought the hardest time of my life. She never let me down and was amazing not only to me but to my son.

How do you like being a  mom to a boy? Don’t they just live their mamas?!

Today, my son is a beautiful four year-old boy who loves life and all that surrounds him. He and I have a great relationship and I am proud to say I am a great mom to him. But he also has a great father, grandparents and other family members that enrich his life each and every day. It is so important to me that he spends so much time with his loved ones and will have so many great memories to carry through his entire life.

Tips for new moms?

One thing that I have learned through my most difficult times in life is that you do not need to go through hard times alone. Ask and you shall receive and always remember that we were meant to live together as they did in tribal days, to help one another and have support systems. To not be alone. To live together.

Chic Beauty: DIY Rodarte Braid March 21 2013, 0 Comments


I was so obsess about this braid when I saw it on the runway. This is obvious if I am posting about it, I just love it for all those mid length to long hair mamas out there! 

Source: via Ashley Jordan on Pinterest

DIY-simple ways to upgrade a kid's room... March 05 2013, 0 Comments

This photo says it all with the colorful bed and fluffy rugs and pillows. If you’re in the market to change up your child’s room or take it from a nursery to a toddler room a few stylish touches can do the trick. I love looking on pinterest for inspiration. HGTV also has affordable tips on chaging up a room.

Photo, Remodelista