Summer Guide: 7 musts for summer in the city

June 06, 2016



Summer break is literally around the corner and for most of us moms  this means we are either out everyday with the kids or have weekends filled with outside excursions. Here are a few musts that get us Brooklyn moms through the summer.

1. I recommend a lightweight jumper or romper (for those who can pull it off) when spending most of the day out and about. Easy to throw on although choose one that is easy to take off. If a jumpsuit is not your thing try a summer dress. Erica can pull off a long maxi dress (with 3 kids none the less) and will sport one all day but I feel burdened by the length of the fabric. Really, it's about wearing a piece that is comfortable for you and something that is not going to add weight to your day as you run around dealing with the needs of your little ones. Tie-front culotte jumpsuit in ikat stripe via Madewell.

2. For the perfect carrier to wear around the city we asked the experts on this one. Founders, Jessica Pallay and Kaity Velez of Well Rounded NY recommend the Babybjorn Carrier One Air. We tested this carrier and the balance of the weight of wearing baby was amazing on our backs which is in our opinion the first to go when carrying baby for hours on end. This carrier goes up to 3 years and is perfect if you want a day without the stroller. Or you forgo the stroller entirely. We especially love the safety buckle at the hip and the padded shoulders.

3. We are not sporty sandal kind of girls. We need a visually appealing sandal that isn't causing us to have blisters at the end of a sweltering day. When choosing a sandal look for one with support in the front and back area. Meaning don't do a t-strap sandal, they may be pretty but trust us, your feet will be aching by the end of the day. Pictured Rag and Bone Elda Sandal.

4. Charger. Have one. It doesn't even have to be as cute as this but charge it the night before and voila you can use half way during the day when your battery starts to run low. BACK ME UP! MOBILE CHARGER - PETITE PARTY DOTS via Bando.

5. Yes shoulder bags are lovely and oh so stylish however bring a bag you can pack everything you need for the day in. Pack a bit lighter if you're carry it (leave the extra shoes and digital devices at home), go crazy if it is being tucked a way in the stroller and bring everything you need for the day. The Almafi Jaquard Tote Bag via Madewell.

6. This isn’t a stroller round up so it is tough to just say one stroller is perfect for all. However, both of us will attest that the Uppa Baby is amazing. I love the Vista; Erica is a Cruz kind of girl. Erica tends to both walk and drive to her destinations while I barely drive unless leaving town. I will say that the Vista is larger and not a subway kind of stroller, it is used for walking everywhere in Brooklyn and when going on the ferry. Another stroller for the toddler stage that is a great city stroller is the McClaren Quest. This is perfect for hopping on bus, train and visiting the museums. Uppa Baby Vista via Wee Babe.

7. If lunches and snacks need to be refrigerated or even breast milk needs to be taken out for the day.... this Freezer Bag is perfect. Freeze it the night before and it will keep your edibles nice and cool. Packable Freezer Bag via PackIt.