Rain, rain go away...

September 08, 2011

I actually love the rain but with little ones who get antsy during rain storms, I’m always looking for activities to keep them busy.
Here are suggestions for the 2+ crowd:

-Dress up: I dump out a basket of hats, gloves, scarves, and funky jewelry I’ve collected over the years and we try everything on.
-Baking Cookies: My daughter LOVES to help me cook. I have a few fake spice shakers and give her her own bowl with spoon so she has something to do while I do the actual work. I have her help with the smaller simple things like throwing in the salt, or pour the oil.
-Painting: the above photo is an idea I stole from my gf Jenny. We take all of E’s paintings and use them as gift wrap for presents; and its also a GREAT rainy day thing to do!
-Water games: Anything having to do with water is a hit with my daughter. I like to set her up in the kitchen, on a towel and give her all sorts of kitchen tools, bowls, cups, and pots and pans. Works well for getting dinner made too!
-Classic Looney Toons on youtube: I love these and find that my daughter enjoys them too. Silly rabbit!