Kid friendly restaurants in Williamsburg and Greenpoint July 22 2017


We finally updated this list. There are so many new restaurants and one of our goals this year is to check them out and add to the list as we have to assure that what we recommend really is kid friendly. Feel free to email or comment here if you like us to check out your restaurant.

Aurora- Friendly and welcoming staff and amazing food to boot. The restaurant is a bit tight but there is still room for a stroller especially if you go for an earlier dinner

Bakeri- A favorite among local moms. Delicious food and a cozy atmosphere make this super kid friendly.

Basik- Many parents have recommended this restaurant to us, the open airy feel of the space that includes a garden. Food is delish.

Cafe Colette- Beautifully classic place to grab a bite to eat is also family owned and delicious

Calexico- A busy restaurant with a staff that tolerates kids. I've gone here several times with many kids and the wait staff is always friendly even with many screaming children. The food is good and quick to get to the table. 

Cookie Road- This place has the best energy, yummy treats. Our kids love going here. 

Crema- Not a restaurant per se however this space deserves an honorable mention for being super quaint and one of the best places in the Greenpoint area to meet a friend. Pastries from Balthazar and coffee from Toby's estate. It is small but on a quiet morning can fit a stroller or two as well as it has a little area in front you can easily place and keep a watchful eye on your stroller. It has one large community table a 2 to 3 more smaller nook areas to sit.

egg - One of our top picks to take our kids (just look at our instagram). This popular eating spot is our favorite for breakfast. It does get packed so get there early if you want a short wait. Super kid friendly.

Enids - Close to McCarren Park, this restaurant is large enough to accommodate strollers and a large brood of kids. 

Fabbrica- Food that is delicious, we recommend this for lunch if you are towing around a few kids and early for dinner.

Fanny-  Can eat here everyday and kid friendly to boot, love that it's in Greenpoint.

Fada - French food at its finest. Great brunch and you’ll love that the wait staff dote on the kids the moment they walk in.

Five Leaves- This place gets crowded so if your kid is chill then it's worth going for the food is amazing. I would say to get there by 8 a.m for the restaurant is full with parents and kids by 9a.m. My kid is wild so I go for breakfast before it's busy and there is room for the stroller. If you go at a busy time which is always know that you're stroller may have to be parked outside. The wait staff are incredibly friendly even with wild children. 

Frankel's Delicatessen- Newish deli open up by two brothers and their friends. Super nice staff and delish pastramis, brisket and bagels. This eatery feels hip but not pretentious.The line can get long but this place is worth it.

Little Dokebi- This new little jewel opened up a few months back in a quiet area of Greenpoint. I use to live only a few blocks from its main restaurant Dokebi for years and my husband and I frequented before child. When this new one opened I was curious how it would fair in our picky neighborhood. It's doing great. Little Dokebi feels warmer, quainter and although the big one is child friendly this feels more neighborhood-y. Parents even leave their strollers out front as they eat their meals and the food is a-mazing to top it all off.

Lobster Joint - This place gets busy but it is totally worth it as the tented back area is perfect for kids. We love the picnic tables, plenty of room for high energy kids.

Marlow &Sons- We've been visiting this restaurant with the best food for years pre-child and post child we still love it. My son's first visit was at 3 days old and I found that my breastfeeding wasn't frown upon which makes for a calm mama.

Meatball shop - Meatballs are naturally toddler friendly food and the amazing ice cream sandwiches don’t hurt.

Ninas- Old school Italian restaurant with ample room fro large families and crazy patience when it comes to wild children. We have visited this spot many times with screaming kids and never have the wait staff given is 'the' look.

Ovenly- Grab a treat as you head over to Transmitter Park. You won't regret it!

Pearls- Erica and i check out this eatery as a moms night out, we had one child with us as there is always at least one kid in one of our outings. Pearls is warm, friendly and you feel like you are not in feels very Caribbean. If is affordable and yummy especially if you love 'island' food. There isn't a ton of room for strollers in the front however there is a back area and not one eyelash was bat when we brought in our stroller and sat in front. Always a plus for us.

pies and thighs - The reincarnation of PnT is better than ever! Kids will love the sides; you’ll flip over dessert. 

Rabbit Hole- Amazing brunch, a bit of a struggle getting stroller in but worth it once your there for it's a lovely place with space in the back and garden.

San Loca- Erica's favorite spot for quick Mexican food. An order and site destination ..Erica loves not having wait staff move around you. 

Selamat Pagi: This Balinese restaurant is by the same owners of Van Luewen Ice Cream which celebrates their love for Balinese food. The pancakes are my son's favorite dish, I love their scramble eggs. Brunch or early dinner are the best times to go with kids. There is always room for a stroller as the place doesn't seem to get busy until most of us parents are trying to get our kiddos to sleep.

Spritzenhaus: This is our go to stop. Great waitstaff, insane bloody mary's and tons of room and patience for the little ones. We prefer to dine there before it gets really pack which is around 9pm weekdays, noon weekends especially when the weather is nice. 

Taco chulo - A great stop for Mexican food with plenty of room for baby/kids.

Urban Rustic- Hands down one of our favorite places for kids. The food is yummy &healthy; the staff is helpful and friendly.

Vamos Al Tequila- We visited this restaurant with an infant and a toddler and had room for the car seat and a stroller. However once 8p.m hit the place was packed so visit early.

Williamsburger- The cheese dogs are a great hit with the kids and it's not too hipster that parents can bring a group of children to eat for a family outing.


Not really sit downs but worth stopping by if you have kids.

Milk (of Momofuku) 

Bedford Cheese Shop Now more space then ever, let the kids check out the cool candies while you indulge in the amazing selection of cheese etc.

Feel free to comment here or email us if you know of a restaurant that should be on our kid friendly list. Bon Appétit!


Be courteous to your fellow diners and keep stroller either tuck away by your table or (if available) in a designated stroller area. 




Dark Cayenne - Chocolate Rice Krispie Treats December 26 2012

The Holiday soirees aren’t quite over with New years Eve around the corner. My friend Marina gave me this recipe years ago and it is a no fail. It costs under $10 to make. It’s a perfect little dish if you are staying in and bringing in the New Year with friends. The last time I made this easy dish, I served them on a platter next to the wines and whoosh  gone in minutes. Holiday yum is still on.

6 cups Rice Krispies

2-3 cups of dark chocolate Chips

3 tablespoons butter or 3 tablespoons margarine

1 (10 ounce) package regular marshmallows or 4 cups miniature marshmallows

1. Melt butter in a large saucepan over low heat.
2. Add marshmallows and stir until completely melted. After butter has melted slowly add chocolate chips, melt, you may need a bit extra butter if chocolate seems to absorb all the moisture. Just a little bit should do the trick. Add a teaspoon of Cayenne to keep Krispy treats with just a hint of spice unless you tend to go very spicy add more. For my family I only add half a teaspoon.
3. Remove from heat.
4. (It would be perfect to be measuring out all of the cereal at this time, having it ready in a large bowl.).
5. Working quickly, add rice krispies cereal, and stir until the cereal is well coated.
6. Using a buttered spatula or waxed paper, press the mixture evenly into a greased 13 by 9 by 2 inch pan (or whatever pan you have on hand).
7. When the treats are cooled, cut into squares.

Original Recipe Rice Kripies Treats by, modified by Motherburg. 

Photo, Motherburg

Meatless Monday recipe: Baked Tofu & Mashed Potato cakes November 25 2012

Baked Tofu is a standard in our house. So easy nibble on as a snack as well as cut into little dipping sized sticks for tiny fingers! There are so many ways to make them so I’ll throw a few ideas at you as well teach you the secret behind making it firm and delicious. And since I figured if you’re house is like mine, you have lots of leftovers you still need to eat so why not kill 2 birds with one stone and do a meatless monday tofu and those masher cakes?! 

Jessica’s Delicious Baked Tofu:
2 packages of firm tofu in water*
2 kitchen towel
3 heavy books (dictionary style)
2 tbls of cooking oil/coconut oil 

Take the tofu squares of the water and place separately on towels. Wrap the tofu squares in their respective towel so that each are completely covered. Place next to each other and place the books on top. Let sit for 20-30 mins. This will soak out any extra water so that your tofu can soak in all the yummy flavors you’re going to add! 
On a baking sheet rub:
Taste Options: Here are a few of my favorite ways to make baked tofu
-Asian: brush on a bit of hoisin sauce & sprinkle with sesame seeds or Seaweed Gomasio. Flip and repeat.
-Curry: In a small bowl, mix the juice of a lime with 1 tbls of curry powder, salt & pepper to taste. Brush on each side.
-Jessica -While growing up vegetarian, I used to love tofu with soy sauce and nutritional yeast. 
-For the baby or Picky Eater - Try just a sprinkle of salt or liquid aminos. 
-For the adults - I love to smear our tofu with Sriacha sauce and hoisin! 
-Sweet and sour - In a small bowl, mix 2 tbls honey with 1 tbls balsalmic vingear and salt/pepper to taste.

Feel free to make different flavors at the same time too!  We normally do a parent friendly one and a kid friendly one! 

Bake at 350 until tops are golden brown! 

*Make sure that you use GMO-free tofu.  

Mashed Potato Cakes
2 cups mashed potatoes
1 large egg
1/4 cup grated Parmesan
Coarse salt and ground pepper
1 teaspoon vegetable oil

In a large bowl, stir together mashed potatoes, egg, and Parmesan. Season with salt and pepper and mix well to combine (mixture will look wet). In a large nonstick skillet, heat vegetable oil over medium-high.

In batches, drop heaping spoonfuls of potato mixture into skillet, pressing with a spatula to flatten slightly. Cook until golden brown on bottom, about 3 minutes. Gently flip and cook until golden brown on other side, 3 minutes. Repeat with remaining potato mixture and more oil. 

Mashed Potato Cakes recipe: Martha Stewart
Photo: Good Food Stories

Easy Muffins, fake it to you bake it muffins... November 20 2012

It was potluck day at my son’s school and I thought I try to actually make something. As I have mentioned before I am not the best baker yet I saw some yummy looking banana muffins on pinterest which really inspires me to ‘make’ things. However- I chicken out and semi made them. I bought the banana mix at Trader Joes and made the cream cheese frosting from scratch. They actually came out quite tasteful and I love myself a good cream cheese frosting!

Photo, Donna Ladd, Motherburg

White girl enchiladas July 11 2012

I make a killer green chile enchilada sauce or at least I used to when I lived in Texas. Ever since I moved to NYC, I’ve found it hard to find everything I need to make them the same way so I cheat. Yes I do! I use Frontera enchilada sauce and its divine: almost as good as what I used to make. And you can too - Promise I won’t tell! 

White Girl Enchiladas

2 packages Frontera Green Chile sauce
1.5 lbs of monterey jack cheese, shredded - reserving half a lb 
20 corn tortillas **
2-3 cups of sauteed veggies and/or meat cut into small pieces 
(I personally just like veggies- red peppers, onion, squash, mushrooms; whatever I have in the fridge. Shrimp is also divine and chicken works fine)
1 tsp butter 
2 cloves garlic, minced

Saute veggies (and meat) in butter then add garlic the last 30 seconds, turn off heat & set aside. 
Set up your enchilada making station - it should follow this order: 
-Tortillas out of packaging and separated by hand (corn tends to stick together)
-Small frying pan filled with water; heat turned on very low
-Followed by the bowl of veggies/meat
-Followed by a bowl of grated cheese
-Followed by your baking pan (best size is 9x13+) 
-Sauce, straight from package
-Half lb of reserved shredded cheese 

Coat baking pan with splash of olive or veggie oil and a splash of green chile sauce. 
Start enchilada process like this: take corn tortilla, dip in hot water for 2 seconds at most (this is just to soften it so it won’t break when you roll it.) 
In the center fill with cheese and veggies (and meat) and roll. Place in baking pan and do until you run out of tortillas and/or filling. 
When you finish with the enchiladas, take the packages of green sauce and pour over the top. The sauce should cover each and every little roll entirely. Take the last half pound of cheese and cover the tops as well. 

Bake on 425 for 20-30 minutes or when the top is browned.


I like to put a blob of plain Fage yogurt, avocado slices, shredded lettuce and tomato on top but dress as you place or eat plain! 

**I always use corn but that doesnt’ mean you can’t use flour or these amazing hybrid corn and flour tortillas I discovered at the Garden. They were delicious and I didn’t have to soften them - they rolled right up! 

DIY Frozen Yogurt Bites April 11 2012

I spend a small fortune on yogurt snacks, I hadn’t even thought of making yogurt bites so this will be a fun weekend task for me and C. I may add some berries to the mix for we love some tang in our bites, yummmm.

What you’ll need:

What you’ll need:

1 cup of low fat pr fat free yogurt-pick your kiddo’s favorite flavor.

1 Cookie Sheet

Wax Paper

1 Ziplock Bag (small)



Plastic Cup

Step 1: Cut off one corner of your ziplock bag (make sure to just cut a small bit off or you’ll have to much yogurt come out) and place the baggie (uncut corner side down) inside of a plastic cup, folding the top of the baggie over the top of the cup to keep it in place.

 Step 2: Fill the baggie with your yogurt of choice.

 Step 3: Lay down a piece of wax paper onto a plain cookie sheet. Seal up your ziplock baggie and squeeze out rows of yogurt “bites” onto the wax paper. These bites can be any size you like, the ones I made are about the size of a dime.

 Step 4: once your cookie sheet is filled up (or once you’ve ran out of yogurt), pop the cookie sheet in the freezer for around 20-30 minutes. You might have to adjust how long they’re in the freezer, depending on the size you made. Once the yogurt has completely frozen, just slide them off into a bowl and enjoy.



Photo & Recipe Via Miss Indie Designs

My Faux Chicken Nuggets + dipping sauce February 24 2012

I’ve been in the process of perfecting my homemade chicken nuggets and I think I did it this past weekend! I’ve been looking for something that a toddler can dip, a finger food only eater will eat and parents can enjoy. It was a tall order. I find these nuggets really fresh and tasty. The whole thing took me about a half hour and both kids and adults loved it!

Faux Chicken Nuggets

1 lb ground chicken (I grabbed some ground chicken from Raghoo Farms at the market on Saturday; their ground chicken is awesome)
1/2 slice of bread
Handful of spinach or kale, cooked
1 clove of garlic, chopped
Misc seasoning - whatever a toddler will handle (I used Herbs de Provence, salt, Mrs. Dash. My daughter won’t do pepper)
1 tbsp nutritional yeast
2 tbsp coconut oil or olive oil + 3-4 tbsp for cooking

In a food processor of blender, blend bread crumbs and spinach (or kale) together. Pour mixture into bowl. Add chicken, garlic, spices, nutritional yeast and oil and thoroughly mix together with your hands.
Heat up a frying pan with remaining oil and start to form nuggets with chicken mixture. I try to make them larger and oval shaped like a real nugget would be.
Cook on both sides about 4-6 minutes depending on size of nuggets

Special Dipping Sauce for Kids
My daughter is a ketchuphead, much to the dismay of my husband so I created this ‘special sauce’ as a way to cut down on the sugar intake.
2 tbsp ketchup
2 tbsp mayo or nayonaise
Mix and serve

Special Dipping Sauce for Adults
Love this faux spicy mayo! I used it all the time!
4 tbsp mayo
1 tsp sriracha
Mix and serve. Adjust to your liking

Posted by: Jessica Glorieux
Photo: Mine

Banana nana (Banana and Nutella Quesadilla) February 19 2012

Today was Sunday snack day, a day I usually try something new. I have been in need of new snack ideas as C’s interest has been waning lately and has been pretty unhappy with his usual snacks. Lucky for him Debbie Koenig’s new cookbook  Parents Need To Eat Too  has just arrived. My criteria in a snack is simple. Easy and must take minutes. Of course delicious and good for the kiddo is on this list. Done. Made this quesadilla in minutes and could not get it on C’s plate quick enough. I also understand why the book is titled Parents Need To Eat Too, I made an extra one for the hubby and myself as we found ourselves trying to steal  eat C’s Sunday snack!

Recipe, Serves 1, Cooking Time : 10 minutes

What you’ll need:

  • 1 teaspoon butter, softened
  • 1 flour tortilla ( I used our smallish Trader Joe’s whole wheat tortilla’s, these are a staple in the Ladd Casa.)
  • 1 tablespoon chocolate-hazelnut spread, I use Nutella
  • 1/2 ripe banana, slice in 1/4 inch pieces
  1. Heat a small skillet(not non stick) over medium heat. Spread butter on one side and the chocolate spread on the other side.
  2. Arrange the tortilla, butter-side down, in the warm skillet. Lay the banana slices over one half of the tortilla, and fold over. Press lightly.
  3. Cook the quesadilla, undisturbed, until the bottom is lightly browned, 2-3 minute(my tortilla looks quite brown due to being wheat so keep this in mind, obviously a white flour tortilla does not need to get this brown), then flip with a spatula. Cook another 2 to 3 minutes, until that side is browned too.
  4. Cut into wedges, the book suggested a pizza cutter which was made for a less messier way to cut the wedges.

Recipe from Parents Need To Eat Too

Miso Lovely February 13 2012

I am a serious soup person. I have been know to drive hours for my favorite soup, venture into a shady neighborhood for a soup that brings me comfort. I have been nudging C to love soup as much as his mama however its been a bit of a challenge. Every week I try a new soup and one that doesn’t require hours to make. My bets are on this yummy miso, C loves tofu so I am feeling the miso, wish me luck!


6 ounces tofu, cubed
4 ounces fresh mushrooms, sliced
handful of leafy vegetable, chopped
1 egg, whisked
2 tablespoons chopped green onion
If using Miso & Easy:
  • 4 cup s water
  • 4 tablespoons Miso & Easy
If using Miso Paste:
  • 4 cups dashi or vegetable broth
  • 4 tablespoons miso paste


1. In a sauce pot, bring the broth to a boil. Add in the tofu, mushrooms and the vegetables. While stirring the broth, slowly pour in the whisked egg. Cook for 2 minutes. Remove the pot from the heat.

2. If using Miso & Easy: Stir in the Miso & Easy. Top with green onions and serve immediately.

3. If using Miso Paste: Ladle about ½ cup of the hot broth into a bowl with the miso paste. Use a fork or whisk to stir and liquify and soften the miso paste. Pour all of the miso paste into the pot and stir gently. Top with green onions and serve immediately.

Recipe via Steamy Kitchen

Cauliflower Pizza February 03 2012

I know this has already been bouncing around in the blogosphere but I just saw it this week! What an awesome recipe to sneak in veggies for your veggie-phobic toddlers? I’m going to try it this weekend; I’ll let you know what everyone thinks!

Cauliflower Pizza Crust

  • 1/4 of a head of cauliflower, steamed until fork-tender, then chopped fine (you can also use the fake rice method); you’ll need a yield of 1 cup of loosely packed, finely chopped/grated cauliflower
  • 1/2 cup shredded mozzarella cheese
  • 1 egg
  • Salt, to taste

Preheat the oven to 450 degrees. Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix well. Spread onto a baking sheet that has been generously sprayed with cooking spray (you could also grease the pan with olive oil or butter if you’re averse to cooking spray). Use a spatula to form the mixture into a circle. Bake for 12-15 minutes, or until edges are nice and crispy (and I mean nice and crispy - they’ll be very brown, almost burned). Remove from the oven and top with your favorite toppings*; change the oven from bake to broil. Broil the toppings until cooked through and the cheese is melted.

*The toppings for our cauliflower pizzas were: Pizza #1 - tomato sauce, fresh heirloom tomato slices, spinach, mushrooms, low-fat mozzarella cheese; Pizza #2 - tomato sauce, mushrooms, red bell peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, low-fat mozzarella cheese.

Posted by: Jessica Glorieux
Recipe & photos: Fare to Remember

Recipe: Open faced polenta lasagna October 20 2011

When I was shopping last weekend I noticed this great polenta with quinoa and remembered a recipe I had for polenta lasagna. I thought I’d give it a go!
I altered the recipe to make it faster and easier! Enjoy!

Serves 4-5 people

1 roll of ready made polenta (any variety will do)
1 jar of ready made pasta sauce
1 bag of shredded mozzarella cheese
1/8 cup of shredded parmesan cheese
2-3 cups of any collection of sauteed veggies you like with olive oil
1 clove of garlic. minced

Saute veggies with oil and set aside. Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees.
Open your polenta roll and cut into 1/2-3/4’ slides depending on how large of a baking dish you use.
Line the bottom of a glass or ceramic baking dish with polenta. Sprinkle 1/4 of mozzarella cheese. Layer sauteed veggies on top of polenta. Sprinke with half of the parmesan cheese and garlic.

It will look like this: 

Pour half a jar of ready made pasta sauce on top and cover with the rest of the mozzarella cheese.
Pop in to oven. Its ready when the cheese is crispy!



Posted by: Jessica Glorieux

shakin up your morning oatmeal October 18 2011

I use to be a huge fan of the morning oatmeal. I tried feeding it to the kiddo in the past however he just pushes it away with a “no way” his favorite sentence these days. I choose my battles with my boys especially in the mornings since we are so crunch for time yet this post from a A Beautiful Mess is a yummy reminder that I may just have to get more creative on luring my son to a nutritional and tasteful morning meal. Wish me luck!

A Beautiful Mess Recipe:


For baked oatmeal here is a basic recipe that you can customize by adding your favorite mix-ins and toppings. In a bowl mix together 2 cups (uncooked) oatmeal, 1/3 cup sugar, 1 teaspoon baking powder and 1/4 teaspoon salt. In another bowl combine 3 tablespoons melted (and slightly cooled) butter, 1 egg, 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract and 1 cup milk. In a well greased baking dish place a thin layer of sliced bananas, then the oatmeal mix, then pour on the milk mixture. Try to distribute the milk mixture evenly over the oatmeal. Bake at 350 F for 20-25 minutes. 

For the pumpkin spice baked oatmeal simply add 1/4 cup pumpkin puree, 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon and a pinch of nutmeg to the milk mixture before you pour it over the top of the oats.

For the coffee cake baked oatmeal add 1/4 teaspoon instant coffee or ground espresso to the milk mixture before pouring it over the oats. Garnish the top of the oatmeal with a crumb topping made of 2 tablespoons cold butter, 1/4 cup flour and 3-4 tablespoons brown sugar. Mix that together with your (clean) hands so that it’s crumbly, sprinkle over the top of the oatmeal for the last 10 minutes of baking.

Photo, A Beautiful Mess

Plum- Good -Tasting Sauce September 02 2011

I’ve been looking for a simple spaghetti sauce to make my son. He loves marinara sauce and in acts of desperation I have even poured it over a quesadilla. I recently found these two simple tomato sauce recipes that I intend to use as a guide over the weekend for this weekend is my learn to make food that Charlie will eat weekend. 

Food Coma

Smitten Kitchen

Photo, Smitten Kitchen

Blueberry Delish August 03 2011

I love Blueberry Season. I felt very guilty indulging my son’s blueberry habit this winter, I prefer to buy his fruit seasonal however you know how that goes. I intend to freeze a a few batches this month and make him smoothies come fall and winter. Meanwhile, this* crostini is in his near future. 

 Recipe: Blueberry & Honey Cinnamon Goat Cheese Crostini

1 baguette; 1/2 inch slices 
lightly toasted
4 oz. plain goat cheese
1 to 2 tsps. honey
1/4 tsp. grated nutmeg
1 tbsp. cinnamon
A pinch of sea salt
Blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, peaches, whatever your heart desires…

1. Whisk goat cheese, honey, nutmeg, cinnamon, and sea salt together. Set aside.
2. Spread 1 tablespoon of honey cinnamon goat cheese over each toasted baguette slice and top with blueberries (or other fruit).

* Parents with babies 1 year and under this recipe contains honey.

Recipe & Photo: Taste Spotting