4 Amazing Beauty items that are a game changer (for a tired face). December 10 2015, 0 Comments

I have never been one to have a beauty routine but as my tired face has become 'my' actual face. Which is why I have decided it is time to get serious about one  and lo and behold this new routine I have been testing may be working.

Here are 4 products I am loving:

For Body: WEN by Chaz Dean Choice of 8 oz. Nourishing Body Treatment Without fail my skin becomes quite dry this time of year, couple this with being tired the last thing one wants is all over dry skin. This body treatment is simply luxurious. The creamy concoction goes on surprisingly light and my skin feels super soft. Also, a lot goes a long way which helps with the cost per use.

For Eyes: My eyes have have been really sporting some serious dark circles.l I have try cover up but this was still not enough to cover the darkness-really my eyes have never been this bad. In comes Mama Mio's Gorgeous Glow Eye Serum. It has been a bit of a miracle worker. The super-serum blend of peptides and actives has literally taken the deep darkness away. A plus is that the serum has only hydrated the eye are rather then dry the skin out which has happen to with some heavy eye creams.

For Lines: Another thing that has happen this year...lines. Right by the furrow and frown areas that seem to be the first that show a tired and aging face. I have always avoided any retrinal products as I have always heard this ingredient can cause redness. Which is why I still use it sparingly. Results? Pretty darn good. I haven't been using every night. And although I can use it on my entire face I just use it on the two areas that need it most. The line at my furrow has started to diminish and a few friends have asked if I have caught up with my sleep. I haven't so I am attributing it to these new products I have been testing especially this one. Avene Retrinal 0.1 Intensive Cream

For Face: This cream by Clinique is geared for aging skin. I used just a dab and it has made my skin feel soft and I fell as if it has taken the edge off my skin. My skin was looking stressed and this cream is subtle but hard working which I think my skin is now just at that point. Needs a little love. CLINIQUE Superdefense SPF 20 Age Defense Moisturizer Very Dry to Dry Combination



4 lip balms that help those chap winter lips! February 04 2015, 0 Comments



I have at least 4 lip products in my bag at all times...... sometimes more!  I use different products for different things - here is my go-to list:

1. When my lips are really chapped and cracked and hurting I just want relief.  We have all been there, especially in these colder months.  I love Lip Medex.  It cools, it tingles, and it feels so good!  The small tub fits in any purse, or coat pocket.

2. For my every day moisture I use Burt's Bees Honey Lip Balm.  I love the smooth application.  And I love the smell.  I go through these a lot because my daughter is always taking them!

3. With the cold months taking their toll, sometimes I want a hint of color but still desire the smooth application of a lip balm.  Since I already love Burt's Bees, I thought I would give their tinted line a try.  And I am loving the color called Red Dahlia.  It is the perfect, subtle hint of color to my lips, with the smoothness of the lip balm.   

4. Finally, once I have been inside for a bit and my body has defrosted (ha-ha), a simple application of my favorite gloss always perks me up.  I love Chanel's Blizzard.  It is the perfect amount of color, gloss, and sparkle.  I wear it plain, or put it over a red lipstick for a darker look. 


Keeping your hair healthy during summer. June 02 2014, 0 Comments

Dry hair isn’t just a winter condition when we have less moisture in the air and need to add conditioners and oils so hair doesn’t become damage. Summer is also a time when we are are out more then usual (us East Coast folks) and sun damage can cause just as much damage to our hair. Here are a few of my tips I have learned through trial and error and from my beauty friends on to keeping your hair healthy during summer.


Deep Condition. My rule with deep conditioners is if your hair is fine then once a month of a deep conditioner should be enough. For thicker hair every other week should do the job. Mixed Chicks is great for it is made in the USA and although close to $50 a little goes a long way.


Mask It. Use an after a sun mask that is has specific ingredients to fight some of the harsh chemicals swimming and salt water can add to your hair. A good mask will work quickly in reviving your hair. The Macadamia has 3 essential oils that have always been great damage repair for me. Tea tree oil, argon and of course macadamia.


Layer it. Adding a silicone polisher adds a protective layer to your hair. The best products are the ones that have frizz control, add shine and have natural oils in the ingredients. There are many great glosses out there. I learned of Olive Oil products back in the day when I lived by a salon owed by some lovely ladies from the Dominican Republic who would use this Olive Oil spray on my hair that kept my hair shiny and soft for days. 


Ease up on the styling tools. The month of August I rarely wear my hair down for my hair just ends up a hot mess and it seems point less with the humidity we experience here in New York. Summer is a great time to ease up on the styling tools and give your hair some time to recoup. Put hair up in ponytails; french buns and braids a few times a week. MB’s beauty board has some great hair pins for inspiration.


Bring color back. When I lived in California my hair would just naturally highlight (spoiled west coast-er). I try to emulate this with highlights which may work during fall/winter but come summer my hair will oxidize when I am out at the sun too much. A color shampoo brings some of the color pigment back and can last for weeks if you use it at least once a week. There are a few out there but most run $10-$60. Not all cheap however you only need a bit to get hair back to an even color.

Mom Beauty, in my bag..... April 02 2014, 0 Comments

I'm doing some spring testing on products I feel are worth adding to your beauty bag. Here are 4 that have been making the rounds for the last few weeks! Let me know if you have a favorite product you think is worth trying!

Origins No Puffery-Because puffy eyes seem to be my new face and it is either to embrace these tired eyes or have surgery. I am not an eye surgery kind of girl so eye cream it is. Not formulated with a ton of chemicals, I love how this gel feels nice and cool on my eyes. It does take a fair amount of the puffiness away and the plus is I have zero redness with this eye solution.

Kiss My Face Sport Treat- Up until two weeks ago I had severe flakiness son my lips. I think the combination of the weather and traveling finally took its toll. After scrubbing my with some sugar I have been using this balm and they have stayed nice and soft. The plus is now with spring sports happening for the boy a SPF is needed, remember even if you do not see a sunny sky you need SPF protection. All natural, gluten, paraben and Phthalate free.

Laura Mercier Crème Liner in Graphite- This eye cream is a little extra I am doing to embrace spring. I haven't worn eyeliner in years but I am enjoying this cool color and feel I do not need much on the eye but a simple line on the lid. The plus? Look tres chic. Doesn't smudge and easy to clean off.

Urban Decay Skin Beauty Balm- I started testing this a week ago and so far, loving it. It hasn’t dried out my skin, the color has a nice glow to it and as the product promises I feel that my skin tone looks even. The balm consists of many wrinkle and skin boosting qualities, which may be true however I have only been testing it a week. I will say I have been asked at least 3 times this week what cream I am wearing. I will also be testing two other products, a foundation by Lorac and a new line called Eve Lom that I will post in the next few weeks on the results for a tinted coverage post. As I am loving the color of this product I could not find that this product is paraben free and for long term I prefer as many natural ingredients as possible so a bit of exploring is needed on the tinted coverage front.