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I am in a new phase work wise where I am trying to get a handle of my schedule so my family has a less stress madre. I am working on projects I love and feel passionate about and this is what I hope all the years of hard work has led me to. One thing I get to do is meet a fellow mother or a work friend for an early morning coffee at least once a week if my schedule permits. Living in this part of Brooklyn the style quota is pretty high. Just the other morning at a cafe I had never been to in Williamsburg the place seem to be oozing style with little effort. Even the relax style was stylish.

It was inspiring and I care about how I present myself... hey... early morning no work drop offs are another story and I never judge a mother I see in pajama pants, I am frankly jealous! I don't think pjs are in my future as I always have some kind of event or meeting to get too but there are more days now where my style can be more relaxed and comfort can be part of it. Not that the 3/4 inch heels are gone for good, I still have meetings where I can't wear a clog or a jean, however I can have fun on the days no heels are required.

Here are 6 items that I'm loving to help me embrace my new work life:

Chloe Sweater ( this sweater is for inspiration as it's quite spendy however it's so pretty I couldn't resist. Now Zara take note!)

The Race Clog (call stores for availability) via Madewell

Bandana via Madewell

Every Mother Counts Tote Bag via Clare V

Flowing Top via Zara

Enamel Vista Necklace via Jessica Wenzelberg

9" High-Rise Skinny Jeans Button Edition via Madewell



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What is your mom style? I have written quite a few posts here that my wardrobe continues to become more streamlined every year. This didn't happen until I became a mother. And...really I thought at some point I would be able to go back to some more serious style, yup, not happening. I am still pretty busy and only have limited time in getting ready (sound familiar?) in the morning which is why I love pieces much like the above. Easy sweatshirts for the weekend. A long jean for both work and days off mixed with a bit of luxury pieces such as quilted sandals, suede totes. 

Here are a few of my favs:



3. Nude Sandalia via Beatrice Valenzuela


5. Basic Tote Pastel via Baggu

6.  Le Bardot Flare high-rise jeans via Net -A-Porter

7. Sporty Chevron Sweat via Topshop


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The weather here is frigid, not like ohh I can wear my fattest/coziest sweater weather although you can. It is so cold even that sweater can go so far. Yesterday, when I ventured out to take my boy to a V-day party it was only 14 degrees. This is what I always deem the style ironic time of the year. Freezing... yet spring and summer clothes are starting to hit the stores. The thing is about this time I become sick of my clothes and want a piece or two to shake up the wardrobe a bit. This is something that even warm weather climate mamas may feel. They just do not have to worry about layering, lucky chicas.

Here are 8 items that could be worn now. Add sweater tights with the gold skirt, the jean jacket under a winter coat and your set. The scarf for me is the first to go, I need a bit of color in these cold days and although most spring scarves out are not wool, they are long enough to be styles a few loops. I added the clogs, for Brooklyn mothers do not give up their clogs even in cold weather, they add thick socks or tights and look quite fab.

1. Retro Turtleneck Sweater in Grey via Chic Wish

2. Accordion Pleated Skirt via Zara

3. The Rolled Sleeved Trucker Jacket via Net A Porter

4. Who What Wear Knotted Belt via Target

5. Metallic Marled Trouser Socks via Madewell

6. Weave Clogs Swedish Mid - Heels via Sven

7. Tile Jacquard Scarf via Madewell

8. McGuire shore Leave Jean via Jcrew



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A few of my Winter must have's... January 05 2015, 0 Comments

I'm a total cliché when it comes to cold weather probably because I love all the warm things you can wrap yourself around on a chilly day. Of course I do get sick of frigid weather but before I do here are a few of my winter favs. 

  • Traditionally known as steamer rugs this blanket has been a nice layer to keeping us toasty on movie night at home. Pendleton Blanket Motor Robe Blanket
  • I have been searching for a barrette that I can wear in lieu of all the hairbands I use-something for work that looks like I made a stylish effort. Calf hair barrette via Jcrew
  • Any cozy sweater that screams it's cold outside and I want it.  Etoile Isabel Marant (pictured here) also this one is pretty cute.
  • Lorac Palette of pink blushes, comes out spring (have been testing it for a future Momtastic post) but the jest of them is that you ahead bit of a rosy glow for weather that can zap your skin of color - similar pink here.
  • I always have dry shampoo and this one is my latest obsession. I can still comb my hair through and it doesn’t dry it out like so many dry shampoos tend to do. R & Co Death Valley Dry Shampoo (travel size)
  • Garance Dore Beaute Pocket Notebook set are the perfect size on the go journals for my bag  especially when I am at work appointments. 

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1. Madewell Patchwork Sweatshirt is a an update to a favorite standby. 

2. Okay so I am throwing this wild card of a boot option with it;s 3 inch heel but If I post anothe style post with only flats -i'm going to scream. This is if you are ready for some height ad just want to bring it... Topshop Control Over The Knee Boots in Olive

3. I'm living this touch of 80's I am seeing in necklaces, a fast way to dress up a simple top. Via Madewell

4. This Suede and Leather Bucket Bag via Zara is the perfect mom on the go accessory. 

5. This is the perfect coat before the weather really hits us (here in Brooklyn) with freezing tempertures or if you live in a San Fran kind of climate. Via Zara Wool Coat 

6. Don't let the style description on the jeans scare you for these are quite cute. I frankly like a higher waist, tucks in that tummy if you need it to. Via Topshop Moto Patchwork Mom Jeans  

7. Perfect flat to take the place of a ballet especially when it gets a bit too cool for a ballet, especially love the texture. Via Topshop Frieda Lace Up Shoes 

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Top Photo: Urban Outfitters UK

10 Summer pieces I am loving... May 27 2014, 0 Comments


Forget trends that do not work for my shape or life- I want summer pieces that can be worn until they are threadbare, worn all season long. For summer I tend to gravitate mostly to the stores that offer great discounts and aren't crazy expensive yet will work what I call 'mom' life. Throw in some great finds from local Brooklyn stores and flea market finds for the perfect summer wardrobe. Here are a few pieces that can be this season and then some.

1. M.Carter Alhoa From Brooklyn Tee (side note: M.Carter just open a sweet little shop on the corner of Engert and Humboldt in Greenpoint.) 

2. Clare V double dots flat clutch 

3. Zara Tie Dye Jeans

4. Madewell Ex Boyfriend Shirt in Indigo

5. Jcrew Studded Lace Up Galdiator

6. Madewell Indigo Shibori Linen Skirt

7. Zara Flared Skirt 

8. Adina Mills Natural Rock Rings avail at People of 2morrow 

9. Jcrew Linen Drapey Pull on Pant In Linen 

10. Madewell Tassel Sash 


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Blue crush, denim for the mother March 24 2014, 0 Comments



The one thing you may notice here on MB with style posts is that I am obsess with denim. It so happens that this season denim is more plentiful then ever. I personally like to elevate my denim pieces as I wear them both casually and at work. It is an extra bonus that denim is season-less and tends somewhat to be child proof. Hey... how else do you expect me to defend...I mean explain an expensive pair of jeans?! Expect to see denim on denim for spring/ summer, patch pieces and yes overalls which I am still debating about for it for it is hard to look svelte in overalls but they look so comfortable.

Here are some pieces I am currently loving and with this funky weather you can layer, wear with boots and a heavy sweater until mother nature finally warms us up and these pieces can be paired with sandals and tees. 

1. Moto Contrast Pocket Shirt via Topshop

2. Light Blue Denim Acid Wash Skirt via Newlook

3. Skinny Jeans via Zara

4. Legieria Ankle Boot via Aldo

5. Frame Denim Le Skinny Color Block Jean via Netaporter

6. Ripped Boyfriend Dungarees via Zara

7. Moto T-Shirt Denim Dress via Topshop


Updating your wardrobe with white... February 17 2014, 0 Comments



The colder it seems to get the more I like to throw some white in the wardrobe. White in the dead of winter? Yes! Some see white as sterile however I see it as bright and an instant wardrobe update. An all white wardrobe is best for spring or summer but white mixed with darker hues gives what is becoming a tired look a boost of energy. Of course if you are in the throes of being at home with a new baby or stay at home mom then hold off on the white but definitely give it a try when you're get back out there and want to give the sweats a rest.


Top, dress and handbag: Zara

White Jeans 


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With summer winding down I love all the pretty grey clothes that are hitting the stores. A grey or silver piece extends a summer palette and a monochromatic grey look is one of my favorite looks for fall.

1. Two Tone Wool Top via Zara

2. Mesh Elastic Waist Midi Dress via Topshop and also love Elastic Midi Dress

3. Collection Mirror Metallic Loafers via Jcrew

4. Motto Pale Grey Baxter Jeans via Topshop

5. Leather (folded) Clutch via Zara

6. Shimmer Nail Polish via Nars


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Top Photo credit unknown

Summer of Tassels July 08 2013, 0 Comments

This summer I'm seeing tassels on so many chic summer clothes. I love that they add a nice amount of adornment on summers most basic pieces.

1. Panache Tassel Necklace via Zowie

2. Joie Nira Top

3. Forever 21 Fringed Geo Scarf

4. Calypso St. Barth Embroidered Malli Pouch 

5. Frye Heather Tassel Shoe




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